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Table Lamps

let our stunning luxury table lamps illuminate your room

For pure illumination purposes, your ceiling lights are going to be doing most of the work. However, when it comes to setting the mood and atmosphere of a room, or for making a space more practical, your accent and task lighting are going to be more important. That’s where the right table lamp can come in. Shabby Store has a wide collection of table lamps, suited to every space and every style. Our modern table lamps are sleek and stylish. Our luxury table lamps add a sense of sensory delight, perfect for matching more classic decor tastes. The contemporary table lamps in our collection explore a much more eclectic range of tiles and, of course, we have a wide selection of shabby chic table lamps to bring out the bohemian in every home. Table lamps can be both functional and decorative. Perhaps you need a little more illumination in one of the more practical spaces of the room, such as directly over where you might work, read, or otherwise need a little extra visibility. Or perhaps you might simply need an additional lamp to fit the style of the decor in the room and to add some real depth to the lighting throughout. At Shabby Store, we have table lamps to match every need, every room and every style. Furthermore, we offer all our table lamps at highly affordable prices without skimping when it comes to quality. Feel free to take a look at the products in the selection and get in touch if you need any help whatsoever.