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Nesting Tables

bring style and function to any room with our shabby chic, luxury nesting tables

Looking for a space-efficient and stylish set of small tables for your home? Our nesting tables could be just what you need. At Shabby Store, we have a great range of shabby chic nesting tables to fit all styles of home. Our products include modern nesting tables made of quality timber, contemporary nesting tables made of intricately patterned steel and luxury nesting tables sporting an elegant marble effect. You can take a browse through our nesting table options below. Why buy nesting tables? There are many benefits to owning nesting tables. Here are just a few reasons to consider investing in these furniture options. Different tables for different activities: Nesting tables are all different sizes, which makes them versatile for a range of activities. Whether you need a large table for eating dinner off while watching TV or a small table for playing board games on, you can do so with a nest of tables. Save space: The way in which nesting tables tesselate (or nest) into one another makes them great for saving space. When not in use, you can simply stack them in a corner. Cater to all the family: Nesting tables can be great for families with kids. Everyone can have a table suited to their height, which makes it easier for young kids to eat. Bring some style to your home: Nesting tables don’t just have a practical benefit – they also look stylish. With our shabby chic nesting tables, you’re certain to impress guests and make your home feel more elegant.