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let our stunning luxury glassware take centre stage of your dining room

At the Shabby Store, we aim to put the “chic” back into shabby chic. Our modern and contemporary yet timelessly classy style seamlessly fuses the classical with the modern. And when it comes to our glassware, our aesthetic couldn’t be clearer! We pride ourselves on bringing our customers elegance and luxury in their glassware at a reassuringly reasonable price. Combine with our luxury barware to make the ultimate impression at parties, or enjoy in those simple moments of solitary relaxation. You’re sure to find something to suit all occasions and styles in our collection that puts a touch of class in your glass. Wine glasses for whether you prefer to sip sparkling champagne from a long necked flute or take your time over a complex cabernet, our selection of wine glasses lend a touch of opulence to your favourite drinks. Cocktail glasses and tumblers for spirits and cocktails make the perfect impression at parties but are enjoyed equally well alone of with your significant other. And with our selection of tumblers and cocktail glasses, you’ll always drink in style. Decanters and carafes to impress as you pour with our stunning range of beautifully made glass and crystal decanters and carafes. Reflecting our eclectic and timeless yet contemporary style, they help you make the ultimate impression as you serve your drinks. And much, much more. Take a deep dive into our collection to see all that we have to offer including bon bon and ginger jars, martini glasses, cake domes and more. Our glassware helps you to make the ultimate statement as you serve your drinks.