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Floor Lamps

let our stunning luxury floor lamps give your room extra ambiance

If you want an extra source of light that stands out just fine on its own, then our range of free-standing floor lamps could be precisely what you need. Popular for both practical and stylistic reasons, we have a wide selection of floor lamps designed to meet every sense of style and the needs of every room. Simply take a look through the selection on the page to get an idea of what kind of tastes we can accommodate here at Shabby Store. As you might imagine, we have a large range of shabby chic floor lamps on offer. However, we also have more modern standing lamps, offering a more minimalist and trendy look, contemporary standing lamps of more eccentric styles, and luxury standing lamps that can add a little prestige to any space. Whatever the room, and whatever your purpose, we have you covered. Floor lamps can be stood alone to act as task lighting, helping add some extra illumination where it’s needed for practical reasons, as well as for safety. Or you can use them purely as accent and ambient lighting, making use of the stylistic features of their design, as well as how they can layer lighting and shadow in any space to create a sense of atmosphere. Whatever you need from your floor lamps, Shabby Store has precisely what you need, no matter the room, space or style. Take a look at our affordably priced collection and feel free to contact us if you need any support.