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Luxury Dressing Tables

discover our wide collection of luxury dressing tables

Dressing tables are ideal for organising your makeup, pills, potions, and anything else you like to keep in the bedroom. With Shabby Store’s modern dressing tables, you can find the perfect dresser for your room. Our dressers come in a variety of styles you love. Stylish, Mirrored Dressers. Mirrored dressing tables are among the most striking of all dressing table designs. They look incredible no matter what and reflect interesting lighting patterns around your room, totally changing the feel. Our mirror-finish dressing tables come in minimalist, modern and traditional designs - perfect for every interior theme. After something more traditional? We also offer a range of shabby chic dressing tables, contemporary dressing tables and luxury dressing tables, all with unique features that help make them more versatile, as well as stylish. Space-Sensitive Dressers. Our dressers are sensitive to space in your bedroom. We supply designs that minimise floor usage, providing you with furniture that works around your needs.Dressers are a great addition to any bedroom. Not only do they provide ample table space in the bedroom for prepping to go out, but they reduce bathroom usage and cut down on clutter in your bathroom cabinets. A contemporary dressing table takes up very little space while also offering plenty of storage. Is it time you upgraded your dresser? Take a look at our incredible selection and make your order today. You’ll be glad that you did. We offer the finest materials and most innovative styles, giving you furniture you can’t find anywhere else.