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bring style and function to any room with our shabby chic, luxury Bookcases

If you’re looking for a beautiful bookcase or shabby chic shelving unit to increase the storage capacity of your home then look no further. Here you will find a variety of shelving units and bookcases in a number of styles ranging from the pinnacle of modern contemporary luxe, championing stainless steel and mirrored glass, through to the most romantic and classic shabby chic items in reclaimed wood and brushed gold. With each reclaimed wooden bookcase crafted from genuine reclaimed, recycled and naturally weathered wood you can be sure to have a one of a kind piece of furniture in your home with no two items ever being identical. With expansive, space-saving, geometric, free-standing, wall-mounted and even foldable shelving options for you to choose from, there’s a shelving unit for every room in every home. For a home library that needs liberating try our Kessington Black and Chrome Shelving Unit which comes complete with its own ladder to help you reach even its highest shelves and relive that fairy tale Beauty And The Beast moment. For an office which requires organising our luxury Milano Gold Shelving Unit can add both style and substance not only holding folders and files but creating a modern, luxury statement and providing elegance and beauty. And for simply adding depth and height to a bland hallway space or boring bathroom our Milano Black Wall Shelf can add contemporary charm as well as providing you with a place to stylistically organise your candles and other home items.