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Bedside Tables

discover our wide collection of luxury bedside tables

Bedside tables are among the most practical of all bedroom furniture and one of life’s little essentials. If you’re going to have a bedroom table in your room - and you should - then you want one that oozes style. The contemporary bedside tables at Shabby Store give you just that: beautiful furniture that complements the rest of your interior design perfectly. Modern Bedside Tables. With us, you can get a variety of mirrored bedside tables, shabby chic bedside tables, French bedside tables and metal bedside tables. The great thing about our tables is that they combine style, practicality and originality. They’re unique. If you’re sick of putting things next to your bed or not having a surface for your alarm clock, then a bedside table from us can help. Many of the luxury bedside tables in our collection have multiple drawers for keeping all your possessions as well as large surfaces for convenience. Style and substance is the name of the game. Luxury Bedside Tables. No modern bedroom should be without a luxury bedside table - something that uniquely complements all of the other design elements of the room. Bedside tables help you clear the clutter away from around your bed and give you more freedom to design your space as you like while offering great convenience. Shabby Store offers a range of stunning bedside tables that help to elevate your bedroom and bring out the best in it. With a variety of styles, colours and materials to choose from, you have the freedom to create your ideal space.