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Luxury Beds

sleep in comfort with our collection of luxury beds

The Ritz Bed

From £645 - £1,045

The Connaught Bed

From £445 - £795

The Marylebone Bed

From £425 - £745

The Knightsbridge Bed

From £345 - £695

The Stafford Bed

From £345 - £695

The Rosewood Bed

From £345 - £645

The Sanderson Bed

From £295 - £545

The Montcalm Bed

From £328 - £645

The Baglioni Bed

From £295 - £545

The Franklin Bed

From £345 - £645

The Corinthia Bed

From £295 - £545

The Ampersand Bed

From £345 - £595

The Sheraton Bed

From £395 - £645

The Chesterfield Bed

From £345 - £695
The Conrad Bed

The Conrad Bed


The Kensington Bed

From £445 - £795

The Shangri-La Bed

From £395 - £795

The Bloomsbury Bed

From £445 - £795

The Lanesborough Bed

From £395 - £695

With luxury beds from us, you can get a double that perfectly complements the theme of your home. Strike out and create maximum impact with The Knightsbirdghe Bed or emphasize your elegance with something more reserved - the choice is yours. Finding luxury beds online for an affordable price can be a challenge, but with Shabby Store, you don’t have to compromise. We take the most celebrated luxury bed styles in the world, add our unique twist and slash prices at the same time. No two bedrooms are the same. That why with us you can get a range of luxury beds, all beautifully upholstered for practically any room. The different styles are perfect for adding character to your sleeping space. We focus on luxury, shabby chic beds, that offer a sense of opulence while, at the same time, being grounded in reality. Love the style but don’t like the colour? No problem: we can upholster our luxury beds in practically any fabric you want, giving you total control over the appearance of the final product. Choose from a range of materials to get the perfect look for your setup, whatever that happens to be. We handmake all our luxury beds from scratch, applying upholstery and giving you something that has a genuine, crafted feel. Take a look at our selection and place your order today. You won’t believe how affordable our luxury upholstered beds are. Let us bring your bedroom to life with a stunning new shabby chic bed.