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How to Style Your Ginger Jar

How to Style Your Ginger Jar
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Ginger Jars provide the perfect accessory that you can style for every season! With a few simple changes each season, you don't need to think about putting away or replacing your ginger jar, you can ensure it stays out year round and fits in with your seasonal decor.

What is a Ginger Jar?

Ginger Jars originated in ancient China, and were originally used for the storage of spices, mostly ginger and salt. A ginger jar is classically characterised by its rounded shape and high shoulders. The term "ginger jar" is a western invention, in China, the shape is simply called "Guan", or Jar. When ginger became a chief export to the Western world, the vessels in which is was transported in became known as "Ginger Jars". 

As time progressed, the demand for ginger jars as decorative objects grew, and by the 19th century ginger jars were used solely for their aesthetic purposes.

How to choose a ginger jar?

Ginger jars come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. If you're looking for a stand our piece, look for something with a more unique pattern like our White Pierced Ginger Jar, or if you're wanting something a little more simple, maybe go for our White Ginger Jar.

White Ginger Jar

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Where can you place your ginger jar?

  1. Your Hallway: The hallway is the perfect place to welcome your guests with a pop of colour, and a ginger jar can be the perfect way to do this.
  2. The Kitchen: Ginger jars can be the perfect centerpiece for your kitchen counter-top, they were used for storing spices after all!
  3. Your Living Room: Let your ginger jar become the focal point of your living room, they look perfect on a console table or coffee table

How to style your ginger jar?

1. Add Seasonal Faux Flowers to Your Ginger Jar

By using Faux Flowers in your ginger jar you can add that special something that not only makes your jar stand out, but also tie the jar into the rest of your seasonal decor. Mix up different coloured artificial flowers and make sure your jar is well filled. Peonies and Hydrangeas are styled perfectly with ginger jars.

 Ginger Jar styled with Artificial Flowers

2. Place a Flameless Candle Inside Your Ginger Jar

A flameless candle be the perfect way to accentuate your ginger jar, especially if it's pierced. The flameless candle will give off a beautiful warm glow from your large ginger jar, which will make your jar look even more stunning in the evening, and add a whole new dimension to it.

3. Try Grouping Them

Grouping ginger jars, or any jars, will offer a real impact and a great visual focal point for your home. When grouping, make sure you use jars of different shapes, sizes and styles.

4. Adding Dried Pampas Grass

Dried Pampas Grass can be styled perfectly with ginger jars, adding both of them together looks fantastic and is sure to become a key conversation point with your guests when they see how stunning they are paired together.

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Ginger Jar & Dried Pampas Grass