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Everything you need to know about dried pampas grass

Everything you need to know about dried pampas grass
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One of the hottest trends at the moment in home décor is the use of Dried Pampas Grass. It's popularity has surged and it's become a main feature on many of our favourite home interior Instagram accounts. Dried and Faux Flowers have always been a huge interior trend, but it's the tall, fluffy and textured pampas grass that has really caught peoples attention in 2021.

Dried Pampas may seem a little intimidating at first, and there's care that needs to go into looking after and styling your pampas grass, so we've put together our comprehensive list that breaks down everything you'll need to know about dried pampas grass.

How to care for Dried Pampas Grass?

The great thing about dried pampas grass is that it doesn't require a huge amount of maintenance, once you've took the initial steps of fluffing it up and cutting it down to your desired height, the only real care it needs is just a light dust down every few months to ensure it keeps it's fluffy look.

We also recommend keeping pampas grass away from moisture and direct sun light.

How long does Dried Pampas Grass last?

Dried Pampas Grass can last up-to 3 years dependant on how it's kept, so make sure you follow our simple care guide above to ensure it's longevity.

How do you make your pampas grass look fluffy?

When you receive your pampas grass, you may think it looks a little compact, and not as fluffy as the images you've seen of it all over Instagram - don't worry, this is completely normal. 

We recommend to remove the packaging from your dried pampas grass, and give it a gentle shake which will help fluff it out. We also recommend doing this outside, your pampas grass will shed when shook.

Another special little trick to make it extra fluffy it to blow dry your pampas grass with a hair dryer. We recommend gently blow drying your pampas grass on a low heat for 4-5 minutes to make it extra fluffy, but be carful not to over do it as you may cause the pampas to over shed.

Does pampas grass shed?

As mentioned above, dried pampas grass does shed when you shake or move it about. You can reduce the amount that your pampas grass sheds by lightly spraying it with hairspray. Also following our care guide above will help ensure the longevity of your pampas grass and ensure it doesn't over shed.

What can dried pampas grass be used for?

Dried pampas grass can be used for a variety of things, however the most popular way to use pampas grass is to style it in a vase or jar - we specifically love how they look styled in our ginger jars.

Dried Pampas Grass Styling

How do you dry out pampas grass?

If you have your own pampas grass and you're wanting to know how to dry it out, then you'll be happy to know that it's fairly simple. Wrap your pampas grass  stems together with string, wire or a rubber band and then hang them upside down in a cool dry place for around 3 weeks.

Where can you buy pampas grass?

Here at Shabby Store, we supply a variety of dried pampas grass perfect for your home. Our Dried Pampas Grass will add an touch of texture and décor to your home.

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