The Most Expensive Houses in the World

Getting on the housing ladder is a pricey process for all of us these days wherever you want to live but for the super-rich, acquiring property is like a life-sized game of Monopoly. Here are some of the most expensive homes in the world which range from the sublime to the ridiculous…

1. Antillia, Mumbai

This huge modern home is thought to be the most expensive house in the world with a market value of $1 billion. It’s owned by India’s richest man but bizarrely, it currently stands unoccupied as it doesn’t fit the rules of Hindu feng shui. Complete with three helipads, six floors of parking, a theatre and cinema, this home truly is unique.


2. Villa Leopolda, France

Located on the exclusive and blissful Cote D’Azur, this sprawling mansion villa will take your breath away. With an estimated worth of around 500 million Euros, this tasteful yet insanely luxurious villa is the stuff dreams are made of.


3. One Hyde Park, London

The Hyde Park area has long been incredibly exclusive and mind bogglingly expensive place to live but when two huge investment funders from Monaco and Qatar came together to build a house here, they did it in style. Apartments are sold for up to £120 million and in case you don’t feel like cooking or cleaning, there’s a secret passage across to the nearby Mandarin Oriental hotel.


4. Kensington Palace Gardens, London

This row of homes is well known as some of the most expensive in the entire world. The average property price is £122 million and home to world’s richest residents. Steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal bought this palatial home on ‘billionaire’s row’ – well, he is one of the richest men in the world…


5. Xanadu 2.0, Seattle

Bill Gates might be a philanthropic man but he still has a taste for luxury secluded home valued at $120 million. Up with the latest technology of course, this house requires guests to wear pins which automatically adjust the temperature when they walk in and a swimming pool with an underwater sound system.


6. Silicon Valley Mansion, California

This huge mock-tudor mansion is right in the middle of exclusive tech Mecca silicon valley. Looking pretty out of place, this house is decorated in an incredibly ostentatious style with gilt ceilings, baroque art, marble bathtubs and huge chandeliers. It was recently sold for $25 million.


7. LA Mansion, California

The Ecclestone girls certainly aren’t short on the dough and 23 year old Petra’s home in glamorous LA is a tribute to her bank account. Having undergone an eyewateringly expensive and luxurious refurbishment, this house is manned by an army of staff for Petra’s every need and has space for 100 cars, bowling alley and cinema. Oh, and three hair salons, a massage room and a nightclub…


8. 15 Central Park West, New York

This new tower block in the Big Apple is one of the most exclusive addresses in the world. Since its completion in 2008, plenty of famous faces moved in, from Denzel Washington and Robert Di Niro to the CEOs of Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. There’s a secret passage up to the penthouses to shield residents from paparazzi, a cinema and a fitness centre. Condos start from just $7 million.


9. Maison L’Aimitie, Florida

Located on the exclusive Palm Beach waterfront, this huge and sprawling home lies dead on the shore, giving unparalleled sea views and an almost private beach. Diamond and gold fittings, marble throughout, a pool and bulletproof windows make this the perfect celebrity retreat. Purchased recently from Donald Trump for $95 million.


10. Promised Land, California

Despite her humble beginnings, Oprah Winfrey now owns one of the most expensive houses in America. Named ‘Promised Land’ as a tribute to Martin Luther-King’s last speech this huge 23,000 square ft house is set in more than 40 acres of land. On her estate, Oprah has a teahouse all of her own, several rose gardens, two theatres and a gourmet kitchen. This house is now worth $88 million.


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