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As technology evolves, so do our homes and the way we live. From robot vacuum cleaners to clap operated dimmer switches, it’s fair to say that home tech hasn’t always been successful or functional but these days, running the entire house from an iPhone isn’t far off! Here are the latest gadgets for making your home absolutely futureproof.

1. Wi-Fi Washing Machine

Remember to put the wash on after you leave the house for work? With this Wi-Fi powered washing machine by Samsung, you can use an app to select the cycle and turn on the machine. Sadly, it can’t gather up the dirty socks for you though…


2. Next Level Cookie Jar

When you’re on a diet or simply trying to get things done, it’s possible to set goals via an app which in turn prevent this ‘KSafe’ cookie jar from opening until they’re done. £85 seems a hell of a lot to pay for self control though…


3. Linked Up Scales

Just about everybody these days has heard of the Fitbit – a device worn on the wrist to track calories burned throughout the day. Now there’s a scale to match! Linking up to your fitness app, this set of scales helps to set fitness goals.


4. Next Level Security

According to home tech company August, the traditional door key is a thing of the past. Simply load up your iPhone with the relevant app and add on access for friends, family and roommates and use your phone to open up the door. Here’s hoping you don’t run out of battery before coming home…


5. Wi-Fi Coffee

Now this one we can really get behind – a coffee machine company named Smarter is connected via Wi-Fi which means that you can order a specific coffee or tea from upstairs in bed without moving so much as an inch. Sadly though, it can’t bring your drink up to you…



6. Smart Fridge

If you’re always throwing away food and buying too much of what you don’t need, a smart fridge by Samsung or LG has a built in tablet which keeps tabs on what’s inside.


7. Remote Control

Lost the TV remote again? Who cares! With a cool system called Pronto, all you need is an app and a small hub for wireless and simple remote control of your television and other devices around the whole home.

Hand + Smartphone_3

8. Slow Cooker

Slow cookers have long been a great way to come home to a hot meal after a long day at work. This model by Crockpot however means that you’ll avoid overcooked food because it’s easy to start off the cooking process from wherever you are via an app. Now, to get an onion-chopping robot…


9. Transparent TV

The stuff of dreams, this television by Michael Friebe looks completely see-through when not turned on, making it a stunning feature. We’ve no idea how it works but we know we want one!


10. Logic Alarm Clock

For most of us, getting out of bed is a daily stuggle. Stop hitting that snooze button with the iQ alarm clock which will only switch off after you answer a series of logic questions, waking the brain up naturally.


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