How to Make Your Home Look Expensive for Next to Nothing

Home DIY projects are becoming more and more popular these days and with a little skill and know-how, you too can make your home look totally luxe for very little money. Spray paint and glue guns at the ready!

1. Shiny Mouse Pad

9-5 getting you down? Jazz things up with a metallic mouse mat! Pick up a dirt cheap leather effect mouse mat from the pound shop and renovate it in seconds with a spritz of copper, rose gold or pure gold spraypaint.


2. Gemstone Boxes

These pretty boxes make amazing gifts as well as being a great addition to your home. Gemstones and pretty crystals are bang on trend right now and with some stones and a glue-gun, it’s simple to transform a plain box.


3. Polka Dot Pillow

All you need is a plain pillowcase, a pencil rubber and some fabric paint to achieve this look. Flatten out a pillowcase and make it look instantly expensive with dabbed on dots in solid colour or gold.


4. Brushstroke Cushions

Along the same lines as the polka dots, this brushstroke technique on an older cushion will really lift an older, tired looking sofa and give it a fashionable edge.


5. Buttonback Headboard

Even stayed in a hotel with one of those cool, comfy button headboards? You can jazz up your own headboard with just a few materials for tat plush luxe look for so much less!


6. 3 Way Art

This nifty little trick will have your neighbours thinking you’re a regular down at the art gallery. Pick up three cheap frames, get an image you like printed up extra large, cut it and spread it across the three frames – and it’s so easy to change up too!


7. Modern Art

When it comes to expensive art, bigger is always better. Why shell out on the real thing when you can make a great statement yourself though? Gather paints and chalks, get the kids involved and give any room a cool statement focal piece.


8. Fake High Ceilings

Everyone knows that beautiful high ceilings are the marker of a posh home, so why not fake it until you make it? Paint your room a deeper shade, leaving around a quarter or less up at the top of the walls white or a very light shade creating the illusion of a taller room!


9. Upgrade Knobs

This is one of the cheapest and easiest upgrades out there and it makes such a massive difference. In any or all of the rooms in your home, simply change up the knobs on cabinets, doors and fixtures to something altogether more fancy.


10. TV Time

TV is something that we all love to indulge in on most days of the week, but unless you have the very latest swanky model, televisions are generally pretty ugly. Make your home look classy and tasteful by mixing the TV in with other décor, photo frames and lamps to draw the eye – your set will still be visible and easy to use, but it’s no longer the focal point.


Shabby Store

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