Home Organising Hacks

If you’re anything like us, a little organization in the home would certainly go a long way. From cleaning products and kids toys to overflowing jewellery, make-up and clothing collections, every home looks better for a good old sort out. Organisation need not be boring though – have a read through our top ten fun, easy and effective storage solutions.

1. Ice Cube Tray Jewellery Organiser

Just a regular, simple ice cube tray is the perfect spot to sort out stud earrings, tangly necklaces and chains and rings. You’ll never lose track every again and having all your favourite pieces in view feels very luxurious.


2. Shoe Ladder

Bringing a whole new meaning to climbing the ladder, this form of storage has ever been more in fashion. Simply use a ladder to store away your favourite high heels with ease.

shoes-ladder-ss (1)

3. Magnets

For optimum organization, you need magnets everywhere. A magnetic strip in your bathroom or bedroom will help to clear up all those stray hair pins, clips, safety pins and bobbles. Placed in the kitchen magnets are just as useful for keeping utensils and knives safe and at hand.


4. CD Racks

Even though most of us have finally said goodbye to all those Backstreet Boys albums on CD, chances are, you might still have a CD rack hanging around and if not, the charity shops definitely will. Use these racks to neatly stack Tupperware – you’ll never lose the right lid again!


5. Sheet Storage

Store away matching sheets and accessories inside one of the bedding set’s pillowcases for instant location when you’re tidying up. So simple but so effective – and your cupboards will look so tidy too.


6. Clips

These days, even though music, TV programmes and pictures are all stored on one tidy device, there’s no end to the lengths of tangly wires getting into a mess in your home. A couple of small bulldog clips glued or screwed to the side of a desk or cabinet can really help to make a room looks more tidy, as well as keeping wires away from interested kids and pets.


7. Spice Racks

Raid you garage or the local charity shop for spice racks, paint them a sweet pastel colour and use them to store away and display your nail varnish or lipstick collection for all to see.


8. Inside Doors

If you have a small home and a less than small clothing collection, inside door storage might just become your best friend. Unlike messy looking hooks on the outside or top of doors, hooks, extra shelves or boxes attached to the inside of your doors makes for neat and easy storage.


9. Shower Caddies

You know those super cheap organizing racks for the shower? Well, they’re actually really great elsewhere in the house too! Hang on the wall and organize toiletries, make-up, stationary or hair accessories simply and stylishly.


10. Suitcases

Chances are, you only use your suitcases a couple of times a year, so don’t let them take up loads of your precious space. Fill them with all of your summer or winter clothing depending on the season and swap around when the weather changes.


Here at Shabby Store, we have a wide variety of gorgeous storage solutions. From chests of drawers and wardrobes to stunning sideboards, your home is sure to be well organised in no time.

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