2015 70s Style

Whether in the world of fashion or the world of interiors, there’s no escaping the 70s this summer! We’re absolutely in love with this decade’s light wood furniture, totally groovy wallpaper and funky bright seating. Have some fun with this cool and functional trend and bring a touch of 70s funk to your home right now!

1. Bright Wallpaper

Whether you remember the 70s or not, bold, patterned wallpaper is certainly synonymous with the groovy decade. Add a touch of 70s funky style without making your home look like a time warp by making a feature of one bright wall or even framing a scrap of wallpaper.


2. Bold Mirrors

Irregular shapes are a big part of this season’s 70s look and a bold asymmetrical mirror is a great way to add a touch of this trend.

Mirror, £93 from Stayin Furniture

Mirror, £93 from Stayin Furniture

3. Funky Seating

70s homes were no stranger to a bright, bold seating solution – a trend which has never really gone away!

Chair, £44.99 from Shabby Store

Chair, £44.99 from Shabby Store

4. Cocktail Trolley

No 70s dinner party was complete without a Pina Colada or Tom Collins decorated with a neon cherry make to order from a well stocked drinks trolley. We suggest you skip the kitschy cocktails and display your favourite wines and spirits on a stunning glass drinks trolley.

Drinks trolley, £250 from Shabby Store

Drinks trolley, £250 from Shabby Store

5. Shagpile

Add a little Austin Powers flair to your 70s inspired scheme with a cosy and deep shagpile rug.


6. Bold Lighting

Bright, geometric and interesting lighting has always been a great way to add cool style to your home – especially when evoking the 70s. Brightly coloured ceiling lights are a great way to make your living room look trendy.

Light, £69 from Shabby Store

Light, £69 from Shabby Store

7. Groovy Telephone

The landline was the only way to keep in touch back in the 70s and telephone designs were seriously bold. Keep the iPhone and add a vintage piece as decoration for a fully modern look.


8. Greenhouse Cool

Inspired by the bold bohemian vibe of the 1970s, it’s simple to give your room a vintage edge with a real or fake plant such as a fern.


9. Funky Desklamps

Thin silver lamps on the table or on the floor are iconic parts of cool 70s style. Whether you use them to work or simply to decorate and enjoy, no 70s scheme would be complete without them.

Floor lamp, £129.99 from Shabby Store

Floor lamp, £129.99 from Shabby Store

10. Coloured Glass

Probably the cheapest and easiest way to give your home a 70s update, adding a rainbow of cool coloured vases and glasses looks beautiful as well as bang on trend.

Glasses, £21.99 from Shabby Store

Glasses, £21.99 from Shabby Store

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