10 of the World’s Most Unusual Houses

Chances are, if you’ve found your way to this blog, you’re partial to a little home stalking. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with a house having a few quirks, these ten homes might just be the most unusual houses in the world! From the tiny to the treacherous, we’d love to spend a night in every single one of these.

1. Hobbit Home

This amazing home was built by a young couple who wanted a cost effective and eco-friendly home to bring their young son up in. The house only took around four months to build and came out looking amazing. Twirling wood beams and rustic interiors make this a unique cosy nook in the Welsh countryside. Which focuses on low impact living.


2. Shoe House

This house in Pennsylvania USA was designed in 1948 to advertise the shoes which Mahlon Haines sold for a living. Complete with an ice-cream parlour in the instep (of course), this house is now being used as a roadside curiosity.


3. Pineapple House

Given as a birthday gift to his wife, this pineapple shaped house is a smaller building in the Dunmore Park estate in Falkirk. Aside from looking pretty jazzy, pineapples at the time were a great symboliser of wealth, power and hospitality as the fruits were a delicacy brought from the Americas.


4. Cubic Houses

Frustrated by a lack of space in central Rotterdam, these amazing cubic houses were designed by Piet Bloom. Bright, bold and modern, these cool flats make an amazing statement.


5. Dancing House

Created as a reflection of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers’ killer moves, this wibbly wobbly and modern house is pretty trippy. Built in a street with many other older buildings, this tall block really stands out and can hardly fail to impress.


6. Container Homes

In a typically East London fashion, these cutting edge houses were created in a bid to recycle materials and make a bold statement. Bright and colourful, this complex of homes looks absolutely amazing and really makes effective use of space and resources.


7. Oxfordshire Shark

Did you know that there’s a shark living in the quiet village of Headington in Oxfordshire? Well, we might be telling slight porkies when we say living but this bold sculptural statement is an incredibly ususual addition to the otherwise normal street. A huge fibreglass shark sculpture was placed right in the roof of this home by a local radio DJ who owns it still. He objected to nuclear action at the time and had this sculpture built as a reaction.


8. Turning House

A 73 year old builder from a small village near Prague build a house between 1981 and 2002 which turns completely, allowing for the very best view at all times. Seems like a whole lot of effort!


9. Slimmest House

Right in the heart of Warsaw, this house is said to be the slimmest in the world. Built as a tribute to the architect’s family who died in the Holocaust, this incredible modern home measures just 122cm at the widest point and is regarded as an art installation.


10. Thin House

This interesting house in London’s swanky Knightsbridge is so slim, it appears to be almost invisible from the side view. Still costs a couple of million though!


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