10 Easy DIY Projects to Transform your Home

Whether you love DIY or are hopeless with a hammer, these quick and simple projects will easily bring personality and interest to your home without breaking the bank. Entertain the kids over the Easter holidays or simple hide away on a Sunday evening and transform a room, cupboard or wall space yourself. These ten projects require very little skill – and best of all, they’re really, really fun to do!

1. Nailed It

Remember those little round stickers which reinforce the holes in lined paper? Turns out, they can be used to transform plates, cups, bowls and ceramic dishes. Perfect for little ones to have a good go at, simply place the stickers in the pattern you like and fill in the spots with blobs of pretty nail varnish. Wait to dry and peel off.

nail varnish

2. Bookshelf

This project requires no nails, no drilling and no glue – yes, really! Simply open up two attractive ladders and place planks across the steps wherever you fancy for a unique and trendy bookshelf centerpiece.


3. Charging Drawer

We all love our electrical devices but everyone knows that charging them is a real drag. Never lose a charger again and neaten up wires to boot with an easy charging drawer. Add dividers and an extension lead for easy, neat charging whenever you need it.

charging dock

4. Cork Board

For an easy and interesting twist on the traditional cork board, all you have to do is drink wine… well, sort of. When you’ve collected enough wine corks, bust out the glue gun and fill a photo frame full of them for a cute and unique place to pin photos and notices.

cork board

5. Straw Diamonds

Geometric shapes, triangles and diamonds have been firmly in style for the past few years. Update your home for mere pennies by stringing up a couple of diamonds using just straws and spray paint.

diamond straw

6. Glow Jars

Got glow sticks hanging around from a party or event? Carefully split them open, splatter the contents into a jar and add glitter. Replace the lid, turn off the lights and wait for your kids to be thoroughly amazed!

glow stick lamp

7. Gold Fridge

Perfect for those who aren’t afraid to be bold, spruce up an old boring fridge with golden stripes. Take tape across the whole unit and paint or spray in with metallic paint – this one is sure to turn heads!

gold fridge

8. Letter Bottles

Glue guns aren’t just for sticking stuff down – you can decorate with them too. Take an old bottle and write a word of your choice in the glue, wait to dry and then paint for a unique look.

letter bottles

9. Necklace Holder

If you’ve got more jewels than you know what to do with in your bedroom or closet, this cheap and simple necklace holder might be just the thing for you. Take a piece of rough or smooth wood and drive in as many door knobs as you need.

necklace holder

10. String Lanterns

This project is ideal for a wedding or party on a tight budget and looks extremely effective. Blow up a balloon and cover in glue soaked string, wait to dry and then pop. When this is done, it’s simple to paint or spray the spheres a colour of your choice and then string them up for a pretty effect.

string lanterns

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