10 Amazing Summer Ideas

With summer approaching and great weather on the horizon, everyone is excited to spend time together outside in the garden, in the park or away on holiday. Whether you plan to jet off or enjoy a relaxing ‘staycation’, these DIY hacks will help set your summer off with a swing!

1. Curtain Shade

Fantastic for young kids, string up a temporary shade using a cheap shower curtain on a pole and keep little ones out of the sun for pennies.


2. Pot Table

Transform a larger plant pot which is isn’t currently in use into a table when you place a terracotta planting plate on top.


3. Outdoor Movie

If you already have a projector, it’s so fun and simple to host an outdoor movie night. Hook up a white sheet or large piece of white paper, get in the snacks and project a great movie on a warm night!


4. Candle Bucket

Pick up a couple of small metal buckets, carefully punch a few holes and then light a tealight for soft, diffused candlelight.


5. Tie Dye

With this season’s massive 90s revival, tie-dying has never been more in fashion – and best of all, it’s so simple and practically free to do yourself! Create some cool outdoor tie dye cushions, a head scarf or perk up an old t-shirt to look totally summer ready.


6. Solar Oven

Yes, it’s true – you and your kids can cook a pizza in your very own solar oven made from a pizza box. English weather permitting…


7. Tyre Sandpit

No need to splash out for an expensive sand pit – re-purpose an old tyre and fill with sand which is easily found in any DIY shop.

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8. Wine Candles

Once you’ve enjoyed the wine on warm summer nights, push a regular stick candle into the neck and light for a really pretty and inexpensive effect in the back garden.


9. Melon Cocktail

Whether you choose to serve up an alcoholic drink or some simple juice or lemonade, it’s so much fun to fill a hollowed out watermelon with drinks which are then tapped from a hole in the side. Genius!


10. Go Solar

Invest in some solar fairy lights for your garden to make things look magical and sparkly at night. They charge up in the daytime and then light up at night, leaving you with everlasting pretty fairy lights!


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