10 Fun and Cheap Summer Holiday Ideas

The summer holidays can get expensive but with just a little forward planning, there are loads of great deals out there. Whether you’re going away or enjoying a ‘staycation’, there are sure to be a few dull moments during the long summer holidays. Take advantage of these great discounts and ideas for a summer holiday to remember!

1. Toucan Box

Monthly subscription boxes have really taken over our post in the past few years but sadly, they can get pretty expensive. Toucan Box is a great monthly subscription for kids craft supplies. With the code 59NTR32 you can get one for just five pounds – and then cancel the subscription. Kids will love getting this fun parcel.


2. Woodland Detectives

Get out into the fresh air and take advantage of the Woodland Trust’s free downloadable guides for identifying creepy crawlies.


3. English Heritage

It’s worth signing up for English Heritage if you have a lot of kids to entertain this summer. For members, up to 6 children under 18 are allowed in free.


4. National Rail

Looks out for loads of amazing 2-4-1 deals on a huge range of UK attractions when you show your train ticket at the entry booth. Even if you’re going by car, it might well be worth buying a ticket anyway, just to get the deal.


5. NCS

Perfect for older kids with an adventurous disposition, this scheme is available to 16 and 17 year old Brits and can be undertaken for as little as £50 or even for free. From adventure activities and learning to live away from the home, this scheme looks amazing on a CV and makes much better use of a summer holiday then flipping burgers.


6. Free Tennis

The Lawn Tennis Association (the guys who run Wimbledon) offer up free tennis lessons in locations all over the country. Well worth a look.


7. Free West End Shows

Seeing a show on London’s West End is probably one of the most expensive weekends out there. Believe it or not, it’s possible to get free kids’ tickets with your adult ones to 35+ shows. Now you can afford to make a day of it!


8. Football Crazy

The FA run football lessons throughout the summer holidays for kids to improve their game before school starts up again. Fun and fantastic for keeping kids active and interested. Places go very quickly on these free courses.


9. Tesco Clubcard

When you shop with a Tesco Clubcard, it’s easy to clock up points. These can allow you to get up to 75% off a range of zoos and wildlife parks including Longleat and Whipsnade.


10. Cinema

There’s nothing like seeing a great movie on the big screen but with tickets and overpriced treats, the cost can soon rack up. Fortunately, lots of cinema chains run amazing school holiday deals, such as tickets for £1.99 and free adult entry. Add in cheaper snacks from home and it’s a great value morning!


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Ten Ways to Survive the Summer Holidays

With the long six of seven week summer holidays looming, it’s an exciting time for kids and families to spend time together, visit new places and just relax for a while. When your little ones are off school every single day however, it’s not always easy to keep them entertained. Here are ten fun, cheap and easy ideas to try out on those long, sunny (and rainy) days.


1. Have a Picnic

Simple fun. Skip out cafes in favour of far cheaper picnics on the local park which are full of all your kids’ favourite foods. They’ll love preparing it and enjoying sarnies on the grass with a good old game of Frisbee.

2. Get Ready for School

This one might seem a bit boring but taking out a day towards the end of the holidays to prepare can really help get everyone back into the right mindset! Help kids who feel anxious about the school weeks ahead by picking out a fresh new uniform, shopping for their school lunches and morning breakfasts and writing out daily schedules to make it all seem a lot less daunting.


3. Movie Night

This one is perfect for all ages – and allows exhausted parents to take a sly 3 hour nap. Move the sofas close to the telly,get in the popcorn and ice-cream and watch the best downloaded films.

4. Train Ride

If you usually drive everywhere with the kids, little ones will love a ride on the train instead. Take the train into the local town or city and watch as they drink in the sights and sounds – plus, it means you don’t have to say no to that glass of wine at lunchtime either!

5. Have a Plan

Everybody knows that being super-organised is no fun at all – unless you’re Monica Geller that is. Making a few set planned days every week can really get the ball rolling and bust boredom however, as kids cut out fairy wings, pack bags and research the activities which are coming up.

6. Write Letters

I’m sure we all remember getting back from the school holidays and forgetting how to write! Task the kids with writing letters to family, family friends or even their favourite celebrities to get those writing muscles working and also to pass a fun (and quiet) hour or two. The looks on their faces on getting replies will be utterly priceless.

7. Cook

Even for those kids who love to cook, let’s face it, it’s easier to get dinner done without the ‘help’ or a haphazard 4 year old. When there’s a little more time during the holidays, fascinate the little ones by showing them and letting them help as you put together their favourite meal.


8. Face Paint

No need for a fete or carnival for this one. Pick up some face paints or use your least favourite make-up and try to recreate the best looks found online. Even if they come out looking less than perfect, it’s always a great laugh for everyone!

9. Duvet Day

We can’t rely on the weather in this country, so when there’s a rainy or windy day on the horizon, have some fun with a duvet day! Although it’s not an obvious summer activity, it’s something everyone craves over the colder months, so make use of the time you have over the holidays. Best of all? You don’t have to get dressed either!


10. Make Presents

DIY and crafts are a classic school holiday activity. Make it even more fun and interesting by suggesting that kids make their items small gifts for mum or dad when they get home from work or a grandparents or friend they’ll be seeing in the next few days. This really encourages them to think of others as well as to stay amused.




Shabby Store

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