Top 10 Hottest Interior Design Trends Right Now

1. Charcoal Grey

This tone has been in fashion for an good few years now but fortunately, it looks just as good today. Chic and stylish, it’s hard to go wrong. Bring it up to date with a bold lime or pink or contrasted with a soft pastel.


2. Bold Graphics

Whether we’re speaking about strong paint colours, midcentury modern art or textiles, this trend will give your home instant life. Ideal for sprucing up any living room or bedroom, it’s time to be bold and brave.


3. Florals

Florals have been around in the interior design world since the beginning of time, but right now it’s all about going big or going home. Bring florals bang up to date by using prints which feature larger flower motifs.


4. Animals

Everyone loves a cute animal – and this season, it’s all about accessorizing with them! Have an animal bust up on the wall, decorate with sleek silver leopards or make a statement with a giraffe. Interesting and quirky, this look is sure to delight everyone.


Leopard £139 from Shabby Store

5. Faux Fur

This trend introduces a little cosiness to your home in preparation for chillier evenings. Interesting textures mixed with plain cushions or throws will give your home a designer feel and a gorgeous balance.


Faux fur throw £59.99 from Shabby Store

6. Metallic Finishes

Metallic touches are still extremely popular in the world of interiors and look incredible in the kitchen, bedroom or hallway. Choose between rose gold, yellow golr, brass – or just about anything you can dream up! Shine those accessories, light fittings and mirrors for a very 2015 look.


Copper ceiling light £187 from Shabby Store

7. Ceramics

Creative ceramics have been a massive trend for years now and currently, it’s bigger than ever. Look for rustic shapes, bold painting and funky patterns to make sure that your look really does stand out.


8. Wood

All interiors look great with wood and with this season’s hot midcentury modern style. Keep it light and bleached for a fresh and stylish design.


Light wood console £246 from Shabby Store

9. Pastels

Every summer, pastels come back into fashion but play it right and it’ll look good all year. Pair light pinks, yellows and lilacs with a deep grey and add fresh lightness to your home.


10. Wicker

Right now, wicker is really having a moment. The 1970s are huge in the fashion world and now in your home. Add a subtle hint of the ’70s and make your home instantly trendier with piece of relaxed wicker furniture.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 16.06.56

Wicker dining set £878 from Shabby Store

10 Ways to Make your Paint Job Easier

Here at Shabby Store, we get excited about sofas, chairs and cutting edge lighting design – not spending the day covered in drips of paint and stinking of turpentine. When it comes to home décor however, painting the walls is always step 1, so follow these 10 top tips to make the entire process go as smoothly as possible!

1. Putting it Away

When it’s time to retire the paintbrush for the evening or until the next retouch, be sure to cover the paint in cling film before putting the lid back on. Add a swish of the colour on top for easy identification.


2. Painting Furniture

When painting furniture, the best way to avoid streaks is to keep going in the same direction!


3. Brush Tips

Pull an elastic band over the tin of paint for a place to rest your brush, scrape off excess paint and to keep caked up paint from the rim.


4. Tape it up

Masking tape is a DIY essential but if yours has been hanging around for years, it might be almost impossible to rip off a new piece. No need to throw it away – a quick blast in the microwave will make it as good as new.


5. Vanilla Paint

Yep, you read that right – it’s easy to make your newly painted home smell like vanilla! Taking all the ususal ventiltion precautions into consideration of course, pouring a capful of clear vanilla extract into your tin of paint will make your home smell more like a freshly baked cake that a builders’ merchant!


6. Missed a Spot

To wipe up spills, use the kind of pads or cleansing wipes used for busting acne as these contain powerful levels of alcohol.


7. Zig Zag

When painting full walls with emulsion, use a zig zag shape after painting around the edges. This provides the best coverage and the smoothest end look.


7. Trim and Tidy

Before painting, always go over your furry rollers with a lint roller in order to catch any loose hairs and bits of fluff. If the roller has been used, trimming off any crusty areas of old paint ensures a far nicer finish.


8. Cling Film

Floors and sofas are easily covered with a sheet but for those awkward areas like toilets and sinks, cling film is your new best friend.


9. Nail It

If you’re painting a chair, stool or small table, gently tap thin nails into the feet to make painting a whole lot easier. Simply remove as soon as you’re finished.


10. Degrease

Paint will never stick to a dirty wall well, so always use a commercial degreaser before starting, however thorough you think you’ve been with your cleaning.


At Shabby Store, we’ve got loads of fun stuff to fill your home with now that that painting is done! From sofas and chairs to big comfy beds, we have everything you’ll need to make a house a home at Shabby Store,

Ten Ways to Survive the Summer Holidays

With the long six of seven week summer holidays looming, it’s an exciting time for kids and families to spend time together, visit new places and just relax for a while. When your little ones are off school every single day however, it’s not always easy to keep them entertained. Here are ten fun, cheap and easy ideas to try out on those long, sunny (and rainy) days.


1. Have a Picnic

Simple fun. Skip out cafes in favour of far cheaper picnics on the local park which are full of all your kids’ favourite foods. They’ll love preparing it and enjoying sarnies on the grass with a good old game of Frisbee.

2. Get Ready for School

This one might seem a bit boring but taking out a day towards the end of the holidays to prepare can really help get everyone back into the right mindset! Help kids who feel anxious about the school weeks ahead by picking out a fresh new uniform, shopping for their school lunches and morning breakfasts and writing out daily schedules to make it all seem a lot less daunting.


3. Movie Night

This one is perfect for all ages – and allows exhausted parents to take a sly 3 hour nap. Move the sofas close to the telly,get in the popcorn and ice-cream and watch the best downloaded films.

4. Train Ride

If you usually drive everywhere with the kids, little ones will love a ride on the train instead. Take the train into the local town or city and watch as they drink in the sights and sounds – plus, it means you don’t have to say no to that glass of wine at lunchtime either!

5. Have a Plan

Everybody knows that being super-organised is no fun at all – unless you’re Monica Geller that is. Making a few set planned days every week can really get the ball rolling and bust boredom however, as kids cut out fairy wings, pack bags and research the activities which are coming up.

6. Write Letters

I’m sure we all remember getting back from the school holidays and forgetting how to write! Task the kids with writing letters to family, family friends or even their favourite celebrities to get those writing muscles working and also to pass a fun (and quiet) hour or two. The looks on their faces on getting replies will be utterly priceless.

7. Cook

Even for those kids who love to cook, let’s face it, it’s easier to get dinner done without the ‘help’ or a haphazard 4 year old. When there’s a little more time during the holidays, fascinate the little ones by showing them and letting them help as you put together their favourite meal.


8. Face Paint

No need for a fete or carnival for this one. Pick up some face paints or use your least favourite make-up and try to recreate the best looks found online. Even if they come out looking less than perfect, it’s always a great laugh for everyone!

9. Duvet Day

We can’t rely on the weather in this country, so when there’s a rainy or windy day on the horizon, have some fun with a duvet day! Although it’s not an obvious summer activity, it’s something everyone craves over the colder months, so make use of the time you have over the holidays. Best of all? You don’t have to get dressed either!


10. Make Presents

DIY and crafts are a classic school holiday activity. Make it even more fun and interesting by suggesting that kids make their items small gifts for mum or dad when they get home from work or a grandparents or friend they’ll be seeing in the next few days. This really encourages them to think of others as well as to stay amused.




Shabby Store

Giving the kids a fresh, new look in their bedroom will really give them a boost for the months of studying ahead. How about a sweet kids Eames table and chairs, an elephant or even a new wardrobe. They’re log it almost as much as you do!


10 of the Laziest home DIY projects

Decorating doesn’t have to be hard. Use these simple tips to make your remodel a whole lot easier – and lazier. Your mates will be incredibly impressed and you’ll have a whole new look in just minutes or hours!

1. Funky Bulbs

Kids absolutely love this one – and best of all, its super duper easy. Simply grab a couple of permanent markers and go wild on a bulb which is easily screwed into your son or daughter’s bedroom.


2. Door Sides

Not committed to a full bright colour scheme? Pick up a tester pot at the DIY store and add a fun shade to the inner part of your door. Unexpected, cute and stylish.


3. Fireplace Candles

Wish you had a real fire but can’t quite commit? Grab some big church candles, throw them in your empty fireplace and make a super stylish focal point which will give you serious fashion credentials.


4. Disco Lampshade

This is a seriously cool hack which kids will love getting involved with. Grab a plain lampshade, smear the inside with PVA and then throw your favourite shade of glitter at it. When completely dry, re-attach and then turn on the lights for that everyday party feel!


5. Curtain Bows

Too lazy for curtain rings? No problem. Simply rig up your new window hangings with matching strips of ribbon or town fabric. Utterly effortless.


6. Teacup Planters

Not blessed with green fingers? It’s ok, us neither. Make life much prettier by planting up easy to care for succulents in charity shop teacups. It’s also a cute idea to throw some supermarket herbs in old tea tins for that vintage kitchen look.


7. Tubing Vases

When it comes to simply DIYs, spray paint is your number one best mate and this vase project is no exception. Simply chop up a bit of plumber’s tubing or better still, find some offcuts, spray gold or bronze and fill with flowers.


8. Gemstone Coasters

Gemstone slice coasters are all over the fanciest interior shops right now but honestly, we don’t need to pay £35 for a set of four. Pick up cheap geode slices online or at toyshops, coat the edges with gold nail polish and enjoy your glam look!


9. Candles

A gorgeous warm glowing candle will never go out of fashion but this simple ombre trick will add prettiness and style to your home for pence. Simply melt down a less usable candle, mix in a coloured crayon of your choice, dip and go wild!


10. Succulent Pictures

In case you hadn’t noticed by now, cacti and succulents really are all the rage right now. In the coolest interior shops in town, these amazing and modern pieces of wall art make any room look amazing. Simply pick up some plain wood fames, pack in a bit of soil and plant up small succulents. Wow friends and family with your gardening skills.


At Shabby Store, we have thousands of fantastic and great value products which will offset your DIY creations perfectly. From mirrors and wall art to cool Eames chairs, we have everything you need for a beautiful home!

10 Ways to Make Your Home Look Professionally Designed

Not everybody has the skills and design eye of a professional interior designer – nor the money to hire one for your bedroom’s new look! Luckily, we’ve put together a few handy hints which will help to make any room look 100% more designer. Steal interior designers’ best tips and tricks for that fancy hotel look.

1. Use Tones

Colour blocking may come in and out of fashion but decorating in a series of tones of one neutral colour always looks effortlessly stylish. Try a deep grey on one wall, lighter carpet and soft grey sofa for an incredible look.


2. Use Texture

Using texture in a room is a more subtle and stylish way to add interest rather than going crazy with colour. Shaggy cushions, rugs and interesting picture frames as well as hammered metal bowls and hurricane lamps add personality in an instant. How about this gorgeous rabbit pom pom throw from Shabby Store?


3. Statement Pieces

Picking out one or two big and bold pieces will give your living room or bedroom a great designer flair. Choose a large sofa, an oversized armchair or a big padded headboard when you’re looking for a truly designer style. This gorgeous carved sofa from Shabby Store will make a bold statement.


4. Baskets

Everyone knows that clearing away clutter is one of the most fundamental interior design mantras but this season, it’s all about making a statement with baskets. Tuck away all your loose odds and ends into pretty baskets or trays and make a feature of your storage.


5. Fresh Flowers

Yes they’re a bit too expensive and die after a few days, but adding fresh cut flowers to your home is probably the easiest way to give a designer flair. A bunch of crisp, fresh blooms will give a living room, kitchen or bedroom that true ‘dressed up’ look.


6. An Extra Few Inches

This might sound pretty strange but believe it or not, pulling your furniture just a few inches away from the wall can add real warmth and ‘flow’ to the room. Perfect if you’re keen to create a more comfortable and welcoming space.


7. Think Outside the Box

When looking through the swatches in the DIY shop, those which will look the best on your wall don’t necessarily look too exciting on paper. Skip out on the hot pinks and warm oranges in favour of slightly more boring grey or nude tones – your walls will thank you!


8. Vital Formula

Wondering what colour to paint your ceiling? A good rule of thumb is to take your deeper wall colour and then mix it 50% with white.


9. Hang your Curtains High

Curtains make any room look instantly polished and the higher you go, the more regal the room looks. Use a smart curtain pole or a boxed in pelmet for a super smart finish.

curtains apt therapy

10. Dim the Lights

Everybody loves a bit of mood lighting but there’s no need to install dimmers just to get that look. Replace your usual bright bulbs with 15 watt models and you’ll instantly add class.


Here at Shabby Store, we have loads of great interior updates which make any home look instantly more stylish!



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