Autumn Home Decor Tips

With Autumn approaching, it’s time to ditch your light florals and pastel colours and make the home look and feel super cosy and warm. As evenings slowly get darker and darker, there’s nothing quite like coming back to a soft and snug living room and bedroom. Aside from the obvious throws and cushions, here are ten ways to make your home so gorgeously cosy, you’ll actually be excited for that cold weather to home!

1. Warm Leather

Warm brown toned leather seats or sofas with soft, beaten up surfaces look absolutely great in an Autumnal scheme. Get that gentleman’s country club look with this beautiful seat from Shabby Store.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 11.20.07

This gorgeous and unique bench from Shabby Store makes an amazing statement

2. Autumnal Tones

There’s no shame in bringing a few tasteful orange and brown leaf colours into your home. As long as things don’t end up looking like a strange plastic autumn shopfront, a couple of pretty orange chrysanthemums and some leaves collected by your little darlings will surely impress your mother-in-law.


3. Vintage Crockery

Trawl your local charity shops for the most attractive pieces which always seem to come into their own in the colder months. When summer returns and you’re bored of them again – just donate them back!


4. Bring in Natural Wood

Everyone knows that the very best thing about Autumn is going for crisp walks, kicking up crunchy piles of leaves. Elements of natural wood will bring the beautiful outside in.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 11.27.39

We love this twist driftwood table lamp from Shabby Store

5. Warm Colours

Always wanted a rich teal blue living room but couldn’t quite take the plunge? Now’s your chance! Jewel colours bring an instant warmth and cosiness that everyone will appreciate during autumn.


6. Natural Fabrics

During Autumn, beautiful fabrics like calico, hessian and raw silk really do come into their own. It’s easy to pick up a couple of metres from your local fabric shop or stall and use as a table runner or wrapped around a vase.


7. Scent of the Season

Replace your usual fresh linen or sweet vanilla scent with something a little more spicy. Reed diffusers permeate the whole house really well.


8. You’ve been Framed

Autumn and winter are a great time to get closer to your family and spend lots of time hanging out. Why not frame up some of your favourite photos or use canvas for a sweet reminder.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 11.40.26

This 9 photo frame from Shabby Store makes a simple and pretty statement just about wherever you decide to hang it.

9. Fairy Lights

The more the better. String these little babies up around your mirror, your picture frames, the bedheads and on the banister for a little early Christmas charm.


10. Warm Metals

Copper and gold will give your home instant warmth and cosiness with no tacky fake fur necessary. The most glam way to do cosy Autumn style possible.


Top 10 Hottest Interior Design Trends Right Now

1. Charcoal Grey

This tone has been in fashion for an good few years now but fortunately, it looks just as good today. Chic and stylish, it’s hard to go wrong. Bring it up to date with a bold lime or pink or contrasted with a soft pastel.


2. Bold Graphics

Whether we’re speaking about strong paint colours, midcentury modern art or textiles, this trend will give your home instant life. Ideal for sprucing up any living room or bedroom, it’s time to be bold and brave.


3. Florals

Florals have been around in the interior design world since the beginning of time, but right now it’s all about going big or going home. Bring florals bang up to date by using prints which feature larger flower motifs.


4. Animals

Everyone loves a cute animal – and this season, it’s all about accessorizing with them! Have an animal bust up on the wall, decorate with sleek silver leopards or make a statement with a giraffe. Interesting and quirky, this look is sure to delight everyone.


Leopard £139 from Shabby Store

5. Faux Fur

This trend introduces a little cosiness to your home in preparation for chillier evenings. Interesting textures mixed with plain cushions or throws will give your home a designer feel and a gorgeous balance.


Faux fur throw £59.99 from Shabby Store

6. Metallic Finishes

Metallic touches are still extremely popular in the world of interiors and look incredible in the kitchen, bedroom or hallway. Choose between rose gold, yellow golr, brass – or just about anything you can dream up! Shine those accessories, light fittings and mirrors for a very 2015 look.


Copper ceiling light £187 from Shabby Store

7. Ceramics

Creative ceramics have been a massive trend for years now and currently, it’s bigger than ever. Look for rustic shapes, bold painting and funky patterns to make sure that your look really does stand out.


8. Wood

All interiors look great with wood and with this season’s hot midcentury modern style. Keep it light and bleached for a fresh and stylish design.


Light wood console £246 from Shabby Store

9. Pastels

Every summer, pastels come back into fashion but play it right and it’ll look good all year. Pair light pinks, yellows and lilacs with a deep grey and add fresh lightness to your home.


10. Wicker

Right now, wicker is really having a moment. The 1970s are huge in the fashion world and now in your home. Add a subtle hint of the ’70s and make your home instantly trendier with piece of relaxed wicker furniture.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 16.06.56

Wicker dining set £878 from Shabby Store

10 Fun and Cheap Summer Holiday Ideas

The summer holidays can get expensive but with just a little forward planning, there are loads of great deals out there. Whether you’re going away or enjoying a ‘staycation’, there are sure to be a few dull moments during the long summer holidays. Take advantage of these great discounts and ideas for a summer holiday to remember!

1. Toucan Box

Monthly subscription boxes have really taken over our post in the past few years but sadly, they can get pretty expensive. Toucan Box is a great monthly subscription for kids craft supplies. With the code 59NTR32 you can get one for just five pounds – and then cancel the subscription. Kids will love getting this fun parcel.


2. Woodland Detectives

Get out into the fresh air and take advantage of the Woodland Trust’s free downloadable guides for identifying creepy crawlies.


3. English Heritage

It’s worth signing up for English Heritage if you have a lot of kids to entertain this summer. For members, up to 6 children under 18 are allowed in free.


4. National Rail

Looks out for loads of amazing 2-4-1 deals on a huge range of UK attractions when you show your train ticket at the entry booth. Even if you’re going by car, it might well be worth buying a ticket anyway, just to get the deal.


5. NCS

Perfect for older kids with an adventurous disposition, this scheme is available to 16 and 17 year old Brits and can be undertaken for as little as £50 or even for free. From adventure activities and learning to live away from the home, this scheme looks amazing on a CV and makes much better use of a summer holiday then flipping burgers.


6. Free Tennis

The Lawn Tennis Association (the guys who run Wimbledon) offer up free tennis lessons in locations all over the country. Well worth a look.


7. Free West End Shows

Seeing a show on London’s West End is probably one of the most expensive weekends out there. Believe it or not, it’s possible to get free kids’ tickets with your adult ones to 35+ shows. Now you can afford to make a day of it!


8. Football Crazy

The FA run football lessons throughout the summer holidays for kids to improve their game before school starts up again. Fun and fantastic for keeping kids active and interested. Places go very quickly on these free courses.


9. Tesco Clubcard

When you shop with a Tesco Clubcard, it’s easy to clock up points. These can allow you to get up to 75% off a range of zoos and wildlife parks including Longleat and Whipsnade.


10. Cinema

There’s nothing like seeing a great movie on the big screen but with tickets and overpriced treats, the cost can soon rack up. Fortunately, lots of cinema chains run amazing school holiday deals, such as tickets for £1.99 and free adult entry. Add in cheaper snacks from home and it’s a great value morning!


The summer holidays are a perfect time to spruce up your home. Here at Shabby Store we have a wide range of affordable furniture from beds and sofas to gorgeous modern lighting.

10 Ways to Make your Paint Job Easier

Here at Shabby Store, we get excited about sofas, chairs and cutting edge lighting design – not spending the day covered in drips of paint and stinking of turpentine. When it comes to home décor however, painting the walls is always step 1, so follow these 10 top tips to make the entire process go as smoothly as possible!

1. Putting it Away

When it’s time to retire the paintbrush for the evening or until the next retouch, be sure to cover the paint in cling film before putting the lid back on. Add a swish of the colour on top for easy identification.


2. Painting Furniture

When painting furniture, the best way to avoid streaks is to keep going in the same direction!


3. Brush Tips

Pull an elastic band over the tin of paint for a place to rest your brush, scrape off excess paint and to keep caked up paint from the rim.


4. Tape it up

Masking tape is a DIY essential but if yours has been hanging around for years, it might be almost impossible to rip off a new piece. No need to throw it away – a quick blast in the microwave will make it as good as new.


5. Vanilla Paint

Yep, you read that right – it’s easy to make your newly painted home smell like vanilla! Taking all the ususal ventiltion precautions into consideration of course, pouring a capful of clear vanilla extract into your tin of paint will make your home smell more like a freshly baked cake that a builders’ merchant!


6. Missed a Spot

To wipe up spills, use the kind of pads or cleansing wipes used for busting acne as these contain powerful levels of alcohol.


7. Zig Zag

When painting full walls with emulsion, use a zig zag shape after painting around the edges. This provides the best coverage and the smoothest end look.


7. Trim and Tidy

Before painting, always go over your furry rollers with a lint roller in order to catch any loose hairs and bits of fluff. If the roller has been used, trimming off any crusty areas of old paint ensures a far nicer finish.


8. Cling Film

Floors and sofas are easily covered with a sheet but for those awkward areas like toilets and sinks, cling film is your new best friend.


9. Nail It

If you’re painting a chair, stool or small table, gently tap thin nails into the feet to make painting a whole lot easier. Simply remove as soon as you’re finished.


10. Degrease

Paint will never stick to a dirty wall well, so always use a commercial degreaser before starting, however thorough you think you’ve been with your cleaning.


At Shabby Store, we’ve got loads of fun stuff to fill your home with now that that painting is done! From sofas and chairs to big comfy beds, we have everything you’ll need to make a house a home at Shabby Store,

App-y Decorating!

These days, technology and apps are a big part of everyday life – and decorating is no exception! When it comes to planning your next big project, you’d be crazy not to get some of the newest and best apps involved. Measure up, choose and save with this collection of awesome apps and make decorating that little bit less stressful!

1. iHandy Spirit Level

This one is an absolute no brainer. Who wants to go and look for the dusty old spirit level when it’s right there as an app on your phone!? Simply open the app, place it up against a surface and wait until it’s straight.


2. Homestyler

Available on the web and as a mobile app, this useful tool allows you to upload a picture of the room in question. Once done, it’s simple to add in images of beds, wardrobes and units – like a super simple try before you buy.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 13.51.34

3. Color911

Along with a number of pre-set colour palettes, this app allows you to add in colours of your own, make individual palettes or even to ask others to help match for you. Like having an interior designer in your pocket!

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 15.06.08

4. Cataluv

Dangerous if you’ve got free and easy spending habits, this app brings together all of the newest and coolest interior retailers and their wares. Designers post inspirational and utterly gorgeous images – with all products featured ready to buy!

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 15.07.45

5. LikeThat

For those times when you find exactly what you want in the shops but aren’t sure whether it’s too expensive or not. Simply snap a picture of the item in the store and the app will do all the leg work tracking down cheaper versions of it.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 15.09.30

6. Photo Measures

Quite possible our favourite, it’s easy to take a picture of your room and then add real dimensions to it. So much easier and more visual than scribbles on the back of an envelope.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 15.10.23

7. Mark on Call

This app is great is you’re building a house from scratch or planning an extension. It’s easy to play architect by adding and removing rooms as you go, complete with any furniture or fabrics that you might have in mind.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 15.11.43

8. Artfully Walls

Gallery walls are all the rage these days and this app allows you to easily plan it before committing to any nail knocking or even breaking a sweat! Lay out your pictures on the floor, snap a picture and then move them around until you’re happy with the way it looks. It’s even possible to shop on this app.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 15.12.34

9. Color Capture

This amazing app will have you wondering where it’s been all your life. Snap a picture of a wall, a paint colour or literally anything and the app does the work, matching it up to hundreds of available paint colours.


10. Moodboard

Exactly as you’d expect, this app allows you to create a moodboard wherever you are. Add colours, pieces or furniture and accent details together to create your ideal look.


From the bedroom to the living room and bathroom, we have some fantastic additions to your home here at Shabby Store!

10 of the Best Holiday Hacks!

With the kids at school and holidays right around the corner (yay!) it’s time to start getting excited – and most probably stressed. Travel, especially long haul or with children, can be challenging at the best of times. Here’s our top ten ‘holiday hacks’ to help you get through those painfully early flights and long, winding car journeys. Here’s to a fabulous summer!

1. Dirty Laundry
Throw the hotel bar of soap in with your dirty laundry bag to keep it from stinking up the rest of the clean stuff in your suitcase. Genius!


2. Fitted Sheet
Everyone hates sandy sandwiches, so keep little ones and adults happy by setting up camp on the beach with a fitted sheet.


3. Booking Smart
When searching for your flights online, be sure to turn on ‘in private browsing’ to reveal extra, cheaper flights as if by magic!


4. OK Maps
When using the Google map function, type in OK Maps to save that location, making it possible to use it offline. It’s possible to access GPS without being connected to the internet.


5. Airport Spending
Yes, nobody likes paying airport prices but using your card for a purchase or two before you jet off can be really useful for letting the fraud team know that you’re off abroad. No more finance freezing on holiday – and a great excuse to buy that perfume!


6. Free WiFi?
Delayed flight and bored kids? Adding ?.Jpg to the end of URLs when browsing the web will usually allow you to use the airport’s extortionate internet services for free.


7. Charge on TV
Forgot your adapter? Before you panic, it’s usually simple to charge your phone or device using the USB port in the back of the TV without the need for any plugs at all.


8. Tangled Necklaces
Prevent your necklaces from tangling by covering them in a layer of cling film on top of your other packed clothing.


9. Fragile Bags
When checking in bags, ask to have yours marked as fragile. This means that it’ll be handled with care, set out first and be easy to spot amongst the surfboards and skis.


10. Get a flight-checking app
Avoid the scrum for the departures board – why bother to get involved when you can have your own on your phone!?


Going away on holiday is amazing but there’s nothing quite like the comfort of your own bed when you get home! Here at Shabby Store, we have a wide range of soft beds, gorgeous sofas and warm, cosy armchairs which will always welcome you home.

How to Have the Best Picnic Ever!

With summer comes sun and with sun comes picnics! Now we don’t know about you guys, but here at Shabby Store, a good old fashioned picnic is one of the best things about the warmer months of the year. Keep the food modern and the entertainment traditional for the most stress free outdoor meals yet – now get out there and enjoy summer! Here’s 10 ways to make your picnic the best ever.


1. Jars

Glass lidded jars aren’t just trendy right now, they’re actually really useful for transporting smaller portions of food. Try throwing chocolate mousse or strawberries and cream in some small jars to keep fresh, safe and cute at a school fete.

2. Bread Base

This idea is so simple but is sure to delight kids and adults alike. Simply buy a big, sturdy loaf, hollow out the insides and fill carefully with a variety of yummy sandwich fillings in layers and then wrap tightly with clingfilm and refrigerate. On the picnic, whip out a sharp breadknife and dole out the sandwich slices.

3. Bring Entertainment

Even if crisps and wine can keep the grown-ups entertained all day and into the night, kids get tired of food on a blanket pretty quickly. Books, Frisbee, footballs and chunky board games are all practical and fun.

4. Bring a Shower Curtain

Yep, you read that right – bring a shower curtain to your picnic. Laying a waterproof sheet on the ground makes all the difference when it comes to keeping bums dry.

muffin tin as condiments holder

5. Muffin Tins

These things aren’t just good for baking cupcakes, they’re awesome for transporting smaller items, dips and sauces for easy and neat access.

6. Pack Separately

Nobody likes a soggy sandwich, so pack your fillings and a loaf separately for a rustic and fresh tasting bite.

7. Pack Blankets

If you think the picnic is likely to run on into the evening, pack up the car with blankets and warm hoodies so the fun can continue as long as you like.

8. Icy Drinks

Frozen bottles of wine make the perfect ice packs – and who can say no to a chilled glass of chardonnay?


9. Sun Care

Everyone loves a good doze in the sun – but not without suncream, hayfever tablets and hats! The kids might think you’re fussing but they’ll thank you later.

10. Music

Not everybody remembers to bring music to a picnic but a small set of iPod docking speakers will make all the difference – just make sure the playlist isn’t too embarrassing!

Living Outdoors

When the sun comes out, everyone loves spending more and more time outdoors. Here at Shabby Store, we have some gorgeous al fresco places to sit, relax and recline when those snaky sun rays come out to play. Choose from slick chairs, solid tables and pretty planters to seriously perk up your outside space’s look.

Totally Tropical Home Makeover!

We’ve seen the botanical trend make its appearance in our homes this season and last – and loved it! Now that the sun’s out, things have stepped up a notch and we’re seeing more and more living rooms papered with pineapples, limes or coconut-heavy palm trees. Even if that’s a bit too much of a commitment for you, it’s easy to give your home accessories and look a totally tropical twist right in time for summer!

1. Pineapple Walls

This incredible wallpaper from Anthropologie adds a gorgeous tropical twist to your home and looks seriously modern-seventies. Impress your friends and family with this stunning bright look which is bang on trend.


2. Fruity Plants

Combine this season’s love of cacti and succulents with the fruity trend by making a plain vase looks just like a pineapple. Cue, cheap and fun.


3. Pineapple ornament

How about this cool ebony pineapple from Shabby Store? We’re in love!


4. Golden

Pineapples have long been a symbol of wealth and hospitality, so make sure yours stays classy in a metallic shade. These gorgeous bookends ensure that you keep it regal.


5. Palm Fronds

You can’t move for palm fronds this season, so try adding a more subtle touch with a small tropical tealight such as this one from Shabby Store.


6. Flamingoes

Very Miami Vice. Flamingoes are another familiar sight in these season’s interior trend books. There’s no way to make this look subtle, so get ready to embrace kitsch!


7. Wood and Bamboo

Nothing says ‘beach lodge’ like light, natural woods. Add bamboo for that holiday feel all year round. This bamboo ladder from Shabby Store is an absolute must have.


8. Potted Plants

This is an obvious one, but throwing a couple of leafy ferns into the mix gives an instant Miami beach feel.


9. Botanical Drawings

We have a wide selection of vintage botanical technical drawings which make your home look on-trend tropical and well as lived in and cosy.


10. Tiki Bar

This one’s a bit of good fun – for the summer season, set up a tray of supplies which are ready and waiting to leap into action as a gorgeous tropical cocktail of two. Palm fronts, retro umbrellas and tasteless cocktail shaker an absolute must!


Ten Ways to Survive the Summer Holidays

With the long six of seven week summer holidays looming, it’s an exciting time for kids and families to spend time together, visit new places and just relax for a while. When your little ones are off school every single day however, it’s not always easy to keep them entertained. Here are ten fun, cheap and easy ideas to try out on those long, sunny (and rainy) days.


1. Have a Picnic

Simple fun. Skip out cafes in favour of far cheaper picnics on the local park which are full of all your kids’ favourite foods. They’ll love preparing it and enjoying sarnies on the grass with a good old game of Frisbee.

2. Get Ready for School

This one might seem a bit boring but taking out a day towards the end of the holidays to prepare can really help get everyone back into the right mindset! Help kids who feel anxious about the school weeks ahead by picking out a fresh new uniform, shopping for their school lunches and morning breakfasts and writing out daily schedules to make it all seem a lot less daunting.


3. Movie Night

This one is perfect for all ages – and allows exhausted parents to take a sly 3 hour nap. Move the sofas close to the telly,get in the popcorn and ice-cream and watch the best downloaded films.

4. Train Ride

If you usually drive everywhere with the kids, little ones will love a ride on the train instead. Take the train into the local town or city and watch as they drink in the sights and sounds – plus, it means you don’t have to say no to that glass of wine at lunchtime either!

5. Have a Plan

Everybody knows that being super-organised is no fun at all – unless you’re Monica Geller that is. Making a few set planned days every week can really get the ball rolling and bust boredom however, as kids cut out fairy wings, pack bags and research the activities which are coming up.


6. Write Letters

I’m sure we all remember getting back from the school holidays and forgetting how to write! Task the kids with writing letters to family, family friends or even their favourite celebrities to get those writing muscles working and also to pass a fun (and quiet) hour or two. The looks on their faces on getting replies will be utterly priceless.

7. Cook

Even for those kids who love to cook, let’s face it, it’s easier to get dinner done without the ‘help’ or a haphazard 4 year old. When there’s a little more time during the holidays, fascinate the little ones by showing them and letting them help as you put together their favourite meal.


8. Face Paint

No need for a fete or carnival for this one. Pick up some face paints or use your least favourite make-up and try to recreate the best looks found online. Even if they come out looking less than perfect, it’s always a great laugh for everyone!

9. Duvet Day

We can’t rely on the weather in this country, so when there’s a rainy or windy day on the horizon, have some fun with a duvet day! Although it’s not an obvious summer activity, it’s something everyone craves over the colder months, so make use of the time you have over the holidays. Best of all? You don’t have to get dressed either!


10. Make Presents

DIY and crafts are a classic school holiday activity. Make it even more fun and interesting by suggesting that kids make their items small gifts for mum or dad when they get home from work or a grandparents or friend they’ll be seeing in the next few days. This really encourages them to think of others as well as to stay amused.




Shabby Store

Giving the kids a fresh, new look in their bedroom will really give them a boost for the months of studying ahead. How about a sweet kids Eames table and chairs, an elephant or even a new wardrobe. They’re log it almost as much as you do!


10 of the Laziest home DIY projects

Decorating doesn’t have to be hard. Use these simple tips to make your remodel a whole lot easier – and lazier. Your mates will be incredibly impressed and you’ll have a whole new look in just minutes or hours!

1. Funky Bulbs

Kids absolutely love this one – and best of all, its super duper easy. Simply grab a couple of permanent markers and go wild on a bulb which is easily screwed into your son or daughter’s bedroom.


2. Door Sides

Not committed to a full bright colour scheme? Pick up a tester pot at the DIY store and add a fun shade to the inner part of your door. Unexpected, cute and stylish.


3. Fireplace Candles

Wish you had a real fire but can’t quite commit? Grab some big church candles, throw them in your empty fireplace and make a super stylish focal point which will give you serious fashion credentials.


4. Disco Lampshade

This is a seriously cool hack which kids will love getting involved with. Grab a plain lampshade, smear the inside with PVA and then throw your favourite shade of glitter at it. When completely dry, re-attach and then turn on the lights for that everyday party feel!


5. Curtain Bows

Too lazy for curtain rings? No problem. Simply rig up your new window hangings with matching strips of ribbon or town fabric. Utterly effortless.


6. Teacup Planters

Not blessed with green fingers? It’s ok, us neither. Make life much prettier by planting up easy to care for succulents in charity shop teacups. It’s also a cute idea to throw some supermarket herbs in old tea tins for that vintage kitchen look.


7. Tubing Vases

When it comes to simply DIYs, spray paint is your number one best mate and this vase project is no exception. Simply chop up a bit of plumber’s tubing or better still, find some offcuts, spray gold or bronze and fill with flowers.


8. Gemstone Coasters

Gemstone slice coasters are all over the fanciest interior shops right now but honestly, we don’t need to pay £35 for a set of four. Pick up cheap geode slices online or at toyshops, coat the edges with gold nail polish and enjoy your glam look!


9. Candles

A gorgeous warm glowing candle will never go out of fashion but this simple ombre trick will add prettiness and style to your home for pence. Simply melt down a less usable candle, mix in a coloured crayon of your choice, dip and go wild!


10. Succulent Pictures

In case you hadn’t noticed by now, cacti and succulents really are all the rage right now. In the coolest interior shops in town, these amazing and modern pieces of wall art make any room look amazing. Simply pick up some plain wood fames, pack in a bit of soil and plant up small succulents. Wow friends and family with your gardening skills.


At Shabby Store, we have thousands of fantastic and great value products which will offset your DIY creations perfectly. From mirrors and wall art to cool Eames chairs, we have everything you need for a beautiful home!



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