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The kitchen is the heart of the home, making it the most popular room to renovate. For the longest time, white, stainless steel and chrome have ruled the biggest stores. Get ahead and make your kitchen beautiful, giving it a real edge with colour, texture and shape. Here are some of the biggest up and coming trends to make your kitchen look stunning.

1. Back to Black

A truly unexpected and cool addition to any slick kitchen. Paint one accent wall black, go bond with dark and moody cabinets or add a luxurious black marble or granite worktop.


2. Ditch Wall Cabinets

If you can spare the space, one of the coolest new ways to streamline your kitchen involves keeping those walls clean, crisp and uninterrupted. Add in an island for keeping plates, cups and supplies under wraps, leaving your walls looking seriously slick.


3. Furniture Style

Bin off the clinical grade surgical steel worktops and uninteresting chrome fittings for a warm and cosy nod towards country kitchen style. Combined with practical and contemporary taps and appliances, a wooden dresser or shelving unit can really add that homely finishing touch.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 12.27.26

This Wiltshire Glazed cabinet from Shabby Store is a definite contender

4. Open Shelving

This has been a massive kitchen trend for a while now and it shows no sign of stopping. Fill up open shelving in the kitchen not just with items you’d like to display but also with the most practical every day use pieces for that effortlessly lived-in look.


5. Wallpaper

Wallpaper isn’t the first option you’d think of to decorate the kitchen but in actual fact, it can look truly amazing. Apply it well and use the correct formula for longevity in steamy and greasy conditions and give your kitchen a quick pep up.


6. Back to Basics

Adding in more traditional wooden doors and accents to your kitchen is set to be a huge trend this season. No need to go the full Laura Ashley here – it’s best to mix up woods with metals for a stunning clash.


7. Warm Metallics

Take a step away from the usual stainless steel and silver and consider adding some copper, gold or bronze. These tones warm up your kitchen as well as adding in a modern, luxurious feel to the home.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 12.39.31

This copper pendant by Shabby Store should fit the bill

8. Tactile Finishes

Natural materials like wood, granite and marble are set to be big news in the kitchen this season. To bring these timeless substances a modern twist, add texture such as ridging or an unfinished, matte surface.


9. LEDs Everywhere!

When it comes to lighting, you seriously can’t shut us up about LEDs right now. These fun and easy to apply strips of lighting can be used along the bottoms of cabinets, at the ceiling and to show off your best china in cabinets.


10. Get Smart

Everyone has something to charge these days, so why not adapt your kitchen to suit? Simply devoting one kitchen drawer to your smart devices can make all the difference. Pop an extension lead in and charge your phone safely and neatly, well away from kitchen spills.


Here at Shabby Store, we have a whole range of shabby chic, retro and contemporary kitchen furniture and accessories available to purchase online.

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