10 Ways to Make your Paint Job Easier

Here at Shabby Store, we get excited about sofas, chairs and cutting edge lighting design – not spending the day covered in drips of paint and stinking of turpentine. When it comes to home décor however, painting the walls is always step 1, so follow these 10 top tips to make the entire process go as smoothly as possible!

1. Putting it Away

When it’s time to retire the paintbrush for the evening or until the next retouch, be sure to cover the paint in cling film before putting the lid back on. Add a swish of the colour on top for easy identification.


2. Painting Furniture

When painting furniture, the best way to avoid streaks is to keep going in the same direction!


3. Brush Tips

Pull an elastic band over the tin of paint for a place to rest your brush, scrape off excess paint and to keep caked up paint from the rim.


4. Tape it up

Masking tape is a DIY essential but if yours has been hanging around for years, it might be almost impossible to rip off a new piece. No need to throw it away – a quick blast in the microwave will make it as good as new.


5. Vanilla Paint

Yep, you read that right – it’s easy to make your newly painted home smell like vanilla! Taking all the ususal ventiltion precautions into consideration of course, pouring a capful of clear vanilla extract into your tin of paint will make your home smell more like a freshly baked cake that a builders’ merchant!


6. Missed a Spot

To wipe up spills, use the kind of pads or cleansing wipes used for busting acne as these contain powerful levels of alcohol.


7. Zig Zag

When painting full walls with emulsion, use a zig zag shape after painting around the edges. This provides the best coverage and the smoothest end look.


7. Trim and Tidy

Before painting, always go over your furry rollers with a lint roller in order to catch any loose hairs and bits of fluff. If the roller has been used, trimming off any crusty areas of old paint ensures a far nicer finish.


8. Cling Film

Floors and sofas are easily covered with a sheet but for those awkward areas like toilets and sinks, cling film is your new best friend.


9. Nail It

If you’re painting a chair, stool or small table, gently tap thin nails into the feet to make painting a whole lot easier. Simply remove as soon as you’re finished.


10. Degrease

Paint will never stick to a dirty wall well, so always use a commercial degreaser before starting, however thorough you think you’ve been with your cleaning.


At Shabby Store, we’ve got loads of fun stuff to fill your home with now that that painting is done! From sofas and chairs to big comfy beds, we have everything you’ll need to make a house a home at Shabby Store,

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