Mothers Day on Sunday the 15th of March is creeping ever closer and it’s the perfect opportunity to make your mum feel special. Gifts, chocolates and flowers are always welcome but there’s nothing quite like a simple, thoughtful gesture which really will make her smile – and best of all, most of these free or very low cost!

430b4ef4ee9de3f30ca698a508f660741. Breakfast in Bed

This one’s an old mothers day classic but a tasty breakfast served straight to mum’s bed is one which will always be appreciated. Whether you’re a great cook who can whip up a tasty eggs Benedict or simply want to add a little something special to your mum’s favourite breakfast, start the day off right.

2. Picture Perfect

If your mum is anything like ours, she can’t get enough of family photos. Pop a recent photo of yourself, the kids or the family into a pretty frame and gift it to her with a big bunch of flowers for a photo she can enjoy for years to come.

3. Spa Night

There’s no need to fork out on an expensive spa session, especially when you probably have everything you need at home. Treat your mum to a relaxing couple of hours and give her a new manicure, try a homemade face pack and get glam – even if your technique leaves a little to be desired, you’re sure to have a lots of fun!


4. Cocktail Night

Why shout over loud music with a £15 cocktail in your local crowded bar when you can do just as good a job in your own home? Find out mum’s favourite tipple or try out a few new ones and hold a cocktail party at home. Mini cocktail umbrellas a definite essential.

5. Dinner Party

Ideal if you have a larger group of sisters, cousins, aunties and grandmas in your life, a girls dinner party is a wonderful way to celebrate mothers day in style. Cook up a simple Delia or Jamie Oliver menu, get the bubbly in and take some time to appreciate your favourite ladies.

6. Family Album

Get out stacks of old baby pictures and have a good laugh at the ridiculous clothes your mum used to make you wear! Crack open the bubbly and the chocolates and take a fun trip down memory lane.

7. Get Walking

If mothers day falls on a bright and sunny Sunday, taking a walk together is a wonderful time to chat, bond and enjoy some crisp, fresh air. Head back home for some hot chocolate and champagne for a truly special afternoon.


8. Learn Together

Spend the afternoon together learning something that both of you have always wanted to try. Whether you teach one another a new skill or bake a cake from scratch just from YouTube videos, you’ll both remember the day for years to come.

9. Go Digital

If your mum has loads of old photos hanging around, why not do her a favour and digitize them all? Scan them and curate them on a CD or get a photo service to do it for you – she’ll love having all of her favourite pictures in one bulletproof place.

10. Mug Shot

If your mum is a coffee or tea addict, why not make her a personalized mug? It’s easier and cheaper than you’d think to make one of your own – follow this guide here. She’ll think of you whenever she takes a sip!

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