10 of the Best Holiday Hacks!

With the kids at school and holidays right around the corner (yay!) it’s time to start getting excited – and most probably stressed. Travel, especially long haul or with children, can be challenging at the best of times. Here’s our top ten ‘holiday hacks’ to help you get through those painfully early flights and long, winding car journeys. Here’s to a fabulous summer!

1. Dirty Laundry
Throw the hotel bar of soap in with your dirty laundry bag to keep it from stinking up the rest of the clean stuff in your suitcase. Genius!


2. Fitted Sheet
Everyone hates sandy sandwiches, so keep little ones and adults happy by setting up camp on the beach with a fitted sheet.


3. Booking Smart
When searching for your flights online, be sure to turn on ‘in private browsing’ to reveal extra, cheaper flights as if by magic!


4. OK Maps
When using the Google map function, type in OK Maps to save that location, making it possible to use it offline. It’s possible to access GPS without being connected to the internet.


5. Airport Spending
Yes, nobody likes paying airport prices but using your card for a purchase or two before you jet off can be really useful for letting the fraud team know that you’re off abroad. No more finance freezing on holiday – and a great excuse to buy that perfume!


6. Free WiFi?
Delayed flight and bored kids? Adding ?.Jpg to the end of URLs when browsing the web will usually allow you to use the airport’s extortionate internet services for free.


7. Charge on TV
Forgot your adapter? Before you panic, it’s usually simple to charge your phone or device using the USB port in the back of the TV without the need for any plugs at all.


8. Tangled Necklaces
Prevent your necklaces from tangling by covering them in a layer of cling film on top of your other packed clothing.


9. Fragile Bags
When checking in bags, ask to have yours marked as fragile. This means that it’ll be handled with care, set out first and be easy to spot amongst the surfboards and skis.


10. Get a flight-checking app
Avoid the scrum for the departures board – why bother to get involved when you can have your own on your phone!?


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