Design a spectacular wedding reception with Shabby Store


When it comes to weddings, there’s so much to think of it’s easy to get pulled under by the amount of work involved! With anything from venues to vehicles to arrange, it’s no surprise that a DIY wedding reception is one of the last things on the list, and gathering those final details can be an overwhelming task.

But fear not, brides (and grooms!) to be – we have the solution for you, with a selection of stunning yet simple contemporary accessories to make your wedding reception that little bit more special. Wondering how on earth you can turn that empty hall into a stunning party venue?

Here are our top tips:

Get the designer accessories look for less with these stunning Scarlet Clear Acrylic Dining Chairs. These chairs not only make any room that bit more exciting, but they also offer a modern feel without the modern price tag.



We’re particularly in love with the detailed back that adds a little bit of modern fairy-tale to any reception. Pair with some bright splashes of colour, like floral napkins or vibrant favours, and you’re well on your way to a complete theme.


Of course, we can’t forget about the table centres! For the DIY bride, we’ve got several options, from the romantic Cream Roses in Dome display which reminds us of the Eternal Rose from Beauty and the Beast, a reminder that true love never dies.



Through to the modern Shaped Glass Vase, just dying to be filled with spectacular floral displays, fairy lights or even sweets such as sugared almonds. As with any wedding, you can’t forget the drink, and this Silver Round Wine Cooler offers that perfect touch of class for any table.


Don’t forget the outside of your venue

Whether you’re more of a garden girl or a patio person, there’s no reason not to spruce up the outside of your venue. Why not try these ideas?

For the modern romantic, a Garden Rose arch makes a beautiful addition to a walkway or entrance to the venue – not to mention it will be fantastic for photos after the wine starts flowing! And, speaking of a photo op, these Light Up Love Letters are the perfect modern addition to any venue. Pair with a brick wall for a modern feel or floral backdrop for something on the softer side and you have yourself a DIY photo area.
Finally, if you have a venue that’s on the larger side, it might be worth giving our ‘This Way’ Signs a whirl. Ensure your guests are exactly where you need them at the right times with this pretty, shabby-chic signage – so there’s no excuse to not be there for the first dance or cake cutting.

Think our gorgeous accessories are exactly what you need for your special day? Visit Shabby Store for all things wedding


How to create a French style home design

Fashion and style are something on which the French have never compromised. Even though Parisian fashion has moved away from bustles and powdered wigs, their unique style is still reflected in almost everything they do. French homes are famous for being glamorous with an impeccable ‘undone’ appeal and effortless aesthetics.

It is important to note that designing a stylish home takes more than just buying and placing functional furniture and decorative accessories around. Whether you have recently moved or are planning to renovate your house, there is more to consider than opting for functional or comfortable furniture.

Here are a few tips for creating a French style home design.

upholstered chaiseGiving character to your furniture

While it is important to have comfortable furniture around the house, don’t forget to add some character to your rooms with the beautiful and artistic pieces. You can choose to refurbish your old furniture by reupholstering it or painting it in eye catching colours such as gold, yellow, white etc. portofino french chestHowever, if you are not sure how to create this look yourself, you can opt for French style furniture to add stylish pieces for your bedroom, dining room or lounge.

Classic French style pieces such as an Upholstered Chaise or the Portofino French Chest are popular choices for creating this look.


Have a glamorous focal point in every room

antique free standing mirrorChic French homes have a touch of the glamorous. This does not mean that you should pile Victorian era furniture in your living room. A simple focal point such as dramatic drapes or a golden oversized mirror can also do the trick. The

Antique Gilt Free-standing Mirror not only looks stunning, the full size mirror also helps to reflect light in darker rooms and give the appearance of extra space.

You can also opt for French style furniture as it is timeless and elegant. For example, you can place a shabby chic armoire in your bedroom for your clothing.

mirror chateau armoirArmoires are essentially a freestanding storage piece which is an important part of French home design. The Portfonio Mirror Chateau Armoire adds a stylish yet dramatic focal point to any bedroom design.

You can also add a bit of glitter and sparkle in your house. While French interiors are never flashy, they do almost always have a vintage or antique piece such as a chandelier to add a focal point. smoked glass chandelierEnsuring that your light fixtures look ‘original’ is an important part of creating a French style home design. The 2 Tier Smoked Glass Chandelier provides a classic, antique style while the smoked crystal droplets add the extra sparkle.

Shabby Store stocks a wide range of French style and shabby chic furniture that is perfect for creating a French style home design. View our full range and buy online for fast UK delivery, or call us on 01509 323 102 for more information.

5 Must-Have Items for Dinner Parties and Picnics

Whether you are entertaining your family and friends or just enjoying the lighter evenings, Shabby Store we offer a variety of beautiful contemporary furniture and picnic ware to help add some style to any social occasion.

We’ve also put together this list of five essential items in hope to inspire you to spend more time outdoors and make your garden party or picnic a success over the next few months.

picnic basket2 Person Picnic Basket

If you fancy a romantic picnic with your other half, we suggest you try our enchanting two person picnic basket. Choose your favourite food and drinks and dine in style with this hamper for a fun day out. This shabby chic two person picnic basket white and comes with fastening lid and a sturdy handle, perfect for carrying all those necessary items for a summer picnic!

flute glassesClear Flute Glasses

No summer garden party is complete without these clear flute glasses, they will add an element of class and style to your celebrations. Elegantly arrange these glasses at your social gathering and put on a stunning table setting, perfect for any occasion and comfortable to hold during those long evenings spent with your loved ones.

Glass jar with rope handle

Glass Jar With Rope Handle

This extremely versatile jar can be used in various rooms within your home, we recommend using this as a candle holder in your garden to create a magical atmosphere for your guests. We think this glass jar with a rope handle is another crucial item for your garden party or picnic because it is a modern design and is ideal for adding a bit of charm and texture to any garden party.

Feather design salad serversFeather Design Salad Servers

Ensure your dinner setting is prepared with these salad servers, uniquely designed featuring feather details on the handles. They mix style with functionality and are a handy item to have at garden parties or picnics to serve up those delicious summer salads.

White and Gold Hurricane Tealight Holders

As well as stocking some wonderful outdoor lanterns, we also sell hurricane tealight holders. These are great for adding a decorative finishing touch to your garden party or picnic this summer.

White & gold tealight holders

After the sun has gone down, these White and Gold Hurricane Tealight Holder will add some sparkle and light up your garden for your guests. The pattern of these tea lights allows the gold to shine through giving your venue a striking ambience.

Do you want to create an effortless garden party or picnic this summer? Call our furniture experts on 01509 323102 if you would like help choosing from some of the unique and stylish items in our store today.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for inspiration or updates on the latest furniture design trends.

Fantastic Florals


The early summer months are really the perfect time to experiment with fresh, floral patterns in your home. Whether you’re choosing new designer furniture to completely revamp your rooms, or you simply want to freshen up your current look with some contemporary accessories to reflect the season, we have the range you’re looking for.

Here are a few tips, taking inspiration from some of our favourite floral-themed products right now from Shabby Store.

Let there be light

Refreshing your light fittings could make more of a difference than you think.

Floral patterned lampIf you’re looking for a table lamp that’s perfect for a living room, bedroom or hallway, we love this Floral Patterned Lamp with its vibrant botanical design. This Gold Floral Pattern alternative is also a luxurious choice with a touch of oriental inspiration.

Go functional and floral

Many of our wonderful accessories aren’t just decorative, but they also serve a purpose in your home and help keep things organised. For example, consider this Jade Flower T-Light Holder, our Gold Flower Candle Holder, or a few other similar choices. All create a beautiful effect whether you light candles in them or not.

Blue floral framed printsKeep to your colour scheme

Never assume that you have to switch to pastel colours or shades of green to add a floral twist to your home. If you’re sticking with a sophisticated blue theme, for example, you might consider these spectacular Blue Floral Framed Prints to enhance a plain wall. You could compliment the same look with this striking ceramic stool.

Subtle contemporary décor

If you’d like to incorporate some inspiration from nature but you’d prefer to keep it low-key, we have some more abstract and contemporary accessories which are perfect. This Gold Flower Mirror is a great example for creating a sleek and modern style.

Jade flower t light holderWe have many other useful accessories and furnishings with floral-inspired designs, including chairs, cushions, mirrors, lanterns, picture frames, coasters and much more. Use our search feature to find what you’re searching for, or try our different categories in Get The Look for some more inspiration.

Garden Furniture Feature

Summer is finally here! Why not get some ideas from our range of garden furniture and jazz up your backyard with a touch of “luxury shabby chic”. Below are just some ideas from our products to help you create a cosy and stylish garden for yourself and your guests.

Winchester Square Corner Sofa Set

This stylish corner sofa set combines rattan weave and deep luxury cushions, all in beautiful neutral tones that will fit seamlessly in any modern garden. Its modular design means you can arrange each section to suit your space, including the footstool and glass-topped table.

Winchester Square Corner Sofa Set

Rattan Lounger with Cushion Brown

A classic style sun lounger that’s perfect for relaxing in your garden on a summer’s evening. It features a decorative woven design, comfortable shape including arm rests and a comfortable fitted white cushion.

Rattan Lounger with Cushion Brown

Rattan Hanging Chair

This quirky chair makes for an ideal solitary retreat in your garden, allowing you to relax on the luxurious fitted cushions and enjoy a rest. The reinforced rattan weave is very supportive and a secure hook holds the chair in place.

Rattan Hanging Chair

Luxe Planters

Our fabulous Luxe planters are made from solid aluminium, finished with a simple brushed look which makes them appear modern but full of character. Perfect for outdoor and indoor use, these stylish planters are available in a range of sizes to suit your space.

Luxe Planters

Iron Bench

Whether you are into modern or the retro look, this bench surely plays the part. Available in black or grey for a clean and sleek finished look. Perfect for relaxing outside and enjoying the outdoor scene.

Iron Bench

Stone Effect Urn

A large grey urn can add really add to an overall look next to your other outdoor furniture. This piece can also add a romantic atmosphere.

Stone Effect Urn

Metal folding chair

Choose from our range of “chic” chairs, from Fleur de Lys or the Amelie White for a stylish and informal outdoor approach to dining. Or why not be creative and mix and match for a unique and sophisticated theme?

Metal folding chair

Here at Shabby Store, you will find a variety of high-quality garden furniture. For more information call us now on 01509 323 102.

How to Have the Best Picnic Ever!

With summer comes sun and with sun comes picnics! Now we don’t know about you guys, but here at Shabby Store, a good old fashioned picnic is one of the best things about the warmer months of the year. Keep the food modern and the entertainment traditional for the most stress free outdoor meals yet – now get out there and enjoy summer! Here’s 10 ways to make your picnic the best ever.


1. Jars

Glass lidded jars aren’t just trendy right now, they’re actually really useful for transporting smaller portions of food. Try throwing chocolate mousse or strawberries and cream in some small jars to keep fresh, safe and cute at a school fete.

2. Bread Base

This idea is so simple but is sure to delight kids and adults alike. Simply buy a big, sturdy loaf, hollow out the insides and fill carefully with a variety of yummy sandwich fillings in layers and then wrap tightly with clingfilm and refrigerate. On the picnic, whip out a sharp breadknife and dole out the sandwich slices.

3. Bring Entertainment

Even if crisps and wine can keep the grown-ups entertained all day and into the night, kids get tired of food on a blanket pretty quickly. Books, Frisbee, footballs and chunky board games are all practical and fun.

4. Bring a Shower Curtain

Yep, you read that right – bring a shower curtain to your picnic. Laying a waterproof sheet on the ground makes all the difference when it comes to keeping bums dry.

muffin tin as condiments holder

5. Muffin Tins

These things aren’t just good for baking cupcakes, they’re awesome for transporting smaller items, dips and sauces for easy and neat access.

6. Pack Separately

Nobody likes a soggy sandwich, so pack your fillings and a loaf separately for a rustic and fresh tasting bite.

7. Pack Blankets

If you think the picnic is likely to run on into the evening, pack up the car with blankets and warm hoodies so the fun can continue as long as you like.

8. Icy Drinks

Frozen bottles of wine make the perfect ice packs – and who can say no to a chilled glass of chardonnay?


9. Sun Care

Everyone loves a good doze in the sun – but not without suncream, hayfever tablets and hats! The kids might think you’re fussing but they’ll thank you later.

10. Music

Not everybody remembers to bring music to a picnic but a small set of iPod docking speakers will make all the difference – just make sure the playlist isn’t too embarrassing!

Living Outdoors

When the sun comes out, everyone loves spending more and more time outdoors. Here at Shabby Store, we have some gorgeous al fresco places to sit, relax and recline when those snaky sun rays come out to play. Choose from slick chairs, solid tables and pretty planters to seriously perk up your outside space’s look.

10 of the World’s Most Unusual Houses

Chances are, if you’ve found your way to this blog, you’re partial to a little home stalking. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with a house having a few quirks, these ten homes might just be the most unusual houses in the world! From the tiny to the treacherous, we’d love to spend a night in every single one of these.

1. Hobbit Home

This amazing home was built by a young couple who wanted a cost effective and eco-friendly home to bring their young son up in. The house only took around four months to build and came out looking amazing. Twirling wood beams and rustic interiors make this a unique cosy nook in the Welsh countryside. Which focuses on low impact living.


2. Shoe House

This house in Pennsylvania USA was designed in 1948 to advertise the shoes which Mahlon Haines sold for a living. Complete with an ice-cream parlour in the instep (of course), this house is now being used as a roadside curiosity.


3. Pineapple House

Given as a birthday gift to his wife, this pineapple shaped house is a smaller building in the Dunmore Park estate in Falkirk. Aside from looking pretty jazzy, pineapples at the time were a great symboliser of wealth, power and hospitality as the fruits were a delicacy brought from the Americas.


4. Cubic Houses

Frustrated by a lack of space in central Rotterdam, these amazing cubic houses were designed by Piet Bloom. Bright, bold and modern, these cool flats make an amazing statement.


5. Dancing House

Created as a reflection of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers’ killer moves, this wibbly wobbly and modern house is pretty trippy. Built in a street with many other older buildings, this tall block really stands out and can hardly fail to impress.


6. Container Homes

In a typically East London fashion, these cutting edge houses were created in a bid to recycle materials and make a bold statement. Bright and colourful, this complex of homes looks absolutely amazing and really makes effective use of space and resources.


7. Oxfordshire Shark

Did you know that there’s a shark living in the quiet village of Headington in Oxfordshire? Well, we might be telling slight porkies when we say living but this bold sculptural statement is an incredibly ususual addition to the otherwise normal street. A huge fibreglass shark sculpture was placed right in the roof of this home by a local radio DJ who owns it still. He objected to nuclear action at the time and had this sculpture built as a reaction.


8. Turning House

A 73 year old builder from a small village near Prague build a house between 1981 and 2002 which turns completely, allowing for the very best view at all times. Seems like a whole lot of effort!


9. Slimmest House

Right in the heart of Warsaw, this house is said to be the slimmest in the world. Built as a tribute to the architect’s family who died in the Holocaust, this incredible modern home measures just 122cm at the widest point and is regarded as an art installation.


10. Thin House

This interesting house in London’s swanky Knightsbridge is so slim, it appears to be almost invisible from the side view. Still costs a couple of million though!


Shabby Store

Here at Shabby Store, we have a wide range of fun and unusual items which will give your home a cool edge to turn every guest’s head. Our glittery Derriere Chair is cheeky enough to raise a smile on every one and this abstract mirror is seriously stylish. Adding a bubble mirror wall clock to your kitchen or living room is sure to set of any unique home look.

How to Throw the Best Ever Summer Barbecue

With warmer climates (hopefully) ahead of us, it’s probably time to start planning your first barbeque of the season! Fortunately however, times have moved on since the days of your dad’s burned sausages eaten quickly in the drizzle. Get the drinks flowing, the seating comfortable and the kids entertained with these tips – cheers to a great party outside in the garden!

1. Light it Up

Modern outdoor barbeques and patio parties are all about the lighting. String up solar fairy lights, rig up hurricanes and candles and brighten your whole outdoor space for as long as you wish. Extend the party well into the night by keeping plenty of blankets and hoodies at the ready for chilly guests after dark.


2. Kids Entertainment

Usually, kids are quite happy to entertain one another but when boredom begins to strike, it’s good to have plenty on hand – so that the grown-ups can pour another few glasses of sangria. A paddling pool, sprinkler , ball game or basketball hoop will keep ’em busy for hours. Make space for them on the sofas indoors to crash out when it all gets too much.

3. Ice Cream

Ice cream is everyone’s favourite warm weather treat but you can make it extra special by having a dedicated ice cream ‘station’ in the kitchen or garden. Kids in particular love making their own concoctions and it couldn’t be easier to pull off. Big tubs of chocolate and vanilla, sweets, chocolates, sprinkles and cones makes this a fun, tasty and simple summer dessert!

4. Rosemary Skewers

Why stick to boring old wooden skewers which burn easily when you can inject flavour with your vessel of choice? Rosemary adds a tasty herb flavour, looks pretty and smells absolutely amazing.


5. Beat Bugs

Everyone loves a good barbeque but hates pesky wasps and gnats. Light up a gorgeous citronella candle to keep the little blighters at bay and slip paper cupcake cases over your straw in a sweet drink and rule out any unwelcome visitors next time you return for a sip.

6. Mow that Lawn

If you have a lawn as part of your garden, take the time to mow it a few days before your party. It makes the world of difference – just like tidying up your kitchen and living room!

7. Designated Drivers

Barbeques are a great opportunity for people to let their hair down and have a few relaxed glasses of wine or cocktails but chances are, there’ll still be plenty of designated drivers and non-drinkers present. Let them know you’re thinking of them too by mixing up fruity punches or buying in interesting and unusual fizzy drinks like root beer, cream soda and ginger ale.

8. Don’t Forget the Tunes

Now, we’re not taking about scaring off the neighbours with your phat beats here but having a little background music on always gets everyone into a good mood. Classic rock anthems, fun summer hits and currents tunes work well across all ages.


9. Salads Shouldn’t Suck

Some people just don’t like veggies and there’s not a lot you can do to change that but for those who love ’em, make a feature of those fresh summer salads. Combining watermelon with salty feta and tossing together a wide variety of green leaves as well as a quality coleslaw make the perfect side dishes.

10. Feelin’ Hot

Everyone will be starving when they turn up, especially kids, so get the barbeque warmed up at least an hour beforehand and throw a few burgers and sausages on early so that younger children don’t have to wait too long.

11. Ice Lolly-tails

Everyone loves cocktails and everyone loves ice lollies – it’d be mad not to combine the two! Pour out big glasses of prosecco and then throw in a plain fruity ice lolly for a fun, silly and delicious take on the bellini!

12. Cocktail Ice Lollies

… or flip it around and freeze your favourite mix in an ice lolly mould! Silly fun for grown ups when the meal is over.

13. Brownie Kebabs

This one definitely shouldn’t be passed up and will be loved by kids and adults alike. Buy a shedload of supermarket brownies, thread them on skewers with strawberries and marshmallows and then warm them up on the dying out barbecue! Melty, gooey and utterly delicious.


14. Ice Balloons

Forget filling the bathtub with ice and having all your guests traipse up the stairs for beers every five minutes and try this fun idea! Grab an inexpensive bag of water balloons, fill around two thirds full and then freeze. Throw them in a big bucket with your booze and when they’re melted, it’s time for a water fight! Just make sure nobody attempts it when they’re still frozen…

15. Cute Cubes

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to make your normal supermarket bought booze look fancy is to freeze berries, sprigs of mint or even small edible flowers into your ice cubes. Instant flavour and style.

16. Gorgeous Crockery

At Shabby Store, we have a whole range of stunning china and glassware which looks fantastic whatever kind of party you’re throwing! Pretty painted bowls and gold edged glasses really will make every one of your guests feel extra special!

Home Organising Hacks

If you’re anything like us, a little organization in the home would certainly go a long way. From cleaning products and kids toys to overflowing jewellery, make-up and clothing collections, every home looks better for a good old sort out. Organisation need not be boring though – have a read through our top ten fun, easy and effective storage solutions.

1. Ice Cube Tray Jewellery Organiser

Just a regular, simple ice cube tray is the perfect spot to sort out stud earrings, tangly necklaces and chains and rings. You’ll never lose track every again and having all your favourite pieces in view feels very luxurious.


2. Shoe Ladder

Bringing a whole new meaning to climbing the ladder, this form of storage has ever been more in fashion. Simply use a ladder to store away your favourite high heels with ease.

shoes-ladder-ss (1)

3. Magnets

For optimum organization, you need magnets everywhere. A magnetic strip in your bathroom or bedroom will help to clear up all those stray hair pins, clips, safety pins and bobbles. Placed in the kitchen magnets are just as useful for keeping utensils and knives safe and at hand.


4. CD Racks

Even though most of us have finally said goodbye to all those Backstreet Boys albums on CD, chances are, you might still have a CD rack hanging around and if not, the charity shops definitely will. Use these racks to neatly stack Tupperware – you’ll never lose the right lid again!


5. Sheet Storage

Store away matching sheets and accessories inside one of the bedding set’s pillowcases for instant location when you’re tidying up. So simple but so effective – and your cupboards will look so tidy too.


6. Clips

These days, even though music, TV programmes and pictures are all stored on one tidy device, there’s no end to the lengths of tangly wires getting into a mess in your home. A couple of small bulldog clips glued or screwed to the side of a desk or cabinet can really help to make a room looks more tidy, as well as keeping wires away from interested kids and pets.


7. Spice Racks

Raid you garage or the local charity shop for spice racks, paint them a sweet pastel colour and use them to store away and display your nail varnish or lipstick collection for all to see.


8. Inside Doors

If you have a small home and a less than small clothing collection, inside door storage might just become your best friend. Unlike messy looking hooks on the outside or top of doors, hooks, extra shelves or boxes attached to the inside of your doors makes for neat and easy storage.


9. Shower Caddies

You know those super cheap organizing racks for the shower? Well, they’re actually really great elsewhere in the house too! Hang on the wall and organize toiletries, make-up, stationary or hair accessories simply and stylishly.


10. Suitcases

Chances are, you only use your suitcases a couple of times a year, so don’t let them take up loads of your precious space. Fill them with all of your summer or winter clothing depending on the season and swap around when the weather changes.


Here at Shabby Store, we have a wide variety of gorgeous storage solutions. From chests of drawers and wardrobes to stunning sideboards, your home is sure to be well organised in no time.

10 Ways to Make Your Home Look Professionally Designed

Not everybody has the skills and design eye of a professional interior designer – nor the money to hire one for your bedroom’s new look! Luckily, we’ve put together a few handy hints which will help to make any room look 100% more designer. Steal interior designers’ best tips and tricks for that fancy hotel look.

1. Use Tones

Colour blocking may come in and out of fashion but decorating in a series of tones of one neutral colour always looks effortlessly stylish. Try a deep grey on one wall, lighter carpet and soft grey sofa for an incredible look.


2. Use Texture

Using texture in a room is a more subtle and stylish way to add interest rather than going crazy with colour. Shaggy cushions, rugs and interesting picture frames as well as hammered metal bowls and hurricane lamps add personality in an instant. How about this gorgeous rabbit pom pom throw from Shabby Store?


3. Statement Pieces

Picking out one or two big and bold pieces will give your living room or bedroom a great designer flair. Choose a large sofa, an oversized armchair or a big padded headboard when you’re looking for a truly designer style. This gorgeous carved sofa from Shabby Store will make a bold statement.


4. Baskets

Everyone knows that clearing away clutter is one of the most fundamental interior design mantras but this season, it’s all about making a statement with baskets. Tuck away all your loose odds and ends into pretty baskets or trays and make a feature of your storage.


5. Fresh Flowers

Yes they’re a bit too expensive and die after a few days, but adding fresh cut flowers to your home is probably the easiest way to give a designer flair. A bunch of crisp, fresh blooms will give a living room, kitchen or bedroom that true ‘dressed up’ look.


6. An Extra Few Inches

This might sound pretty strange but believe it or not, pulling your furniture just a few inches away from the wall can add real warmth and ‘flow’ to the room. Perfect if you’re keen to create a more comfortable and welcoming space.


7. Think Outside the Box

When looking through the swatches in the DIY shop, those which will look the best on your wall don’t necessarily look too exciting on paper. Skip out on the hot pinks and warm oranges in favour of slightly more boring grey or nude tones – your walls will thank you!


8. Vital Formula

Wondering what colour to paint your ceiling? A good rule of thumb is to take your deeper wall colour and then mix it 50% with white.


9. Hang your Curtains High

Curtains make any room look instantly polished and the higher you go, the more regal the room looks. Use a smart curtain pole or a boxed in pelmet for a super smart finish.

curtains apt therapy

10. Dim the Lights

Everybody loves a bit of mood lighting but there’s no need to install dimmers just to get that look. Replace your usual bright bulbs with 15 watt models and you’ll instantly add class.


Here at Shabby Store, we have loads of great interior updates which make any home look instantly more stylish!



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