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Luxury Shabby Chic Furniture UK

Shabby Store is the home of shabby chic furniture in the UK. We absolutely love interior design, and we’re more than happy to help our customers find the best furniture and accessories for their homes!


We offer a carefully curated selection of the very best products that’ll breathe new life into your home. Whether you’ve just moved in and want to stamp your style on the place, or you’ve been living there for years and fancy a change; we’ve got everything you need, all in one place.


Our range of luxury shabby chic furniture and accessories is handpicked by interior design experts. We only sell things that we’ve fallen in love with ourselves. Shabby Store cares about every individual customer because you share the same passion as us. You want your home to look beautiful and be kitted out with the best shabby chic items money can buy. Our service is second to none, which is why thousands of customers have already bought from us - including celebrities and big-name hotels!


Feel free to look around our site if you want to see all of the incredible products we have on offer. No matter what specific style you’re looking for, we’re bound to have something that excites your senses.


We’re overjoyed to share our extensive collection of shabby chic furniture with you. We have all the different components you need to construct the perfect home. Our living room furniture offers up a plethora of stylish sofas, amazing armchairs, and cute coffee tables. We also have a variety of delightful cabinets & cupboards, along with TV stands, storage options, and so much more. If you want to upgrade your dining room, then a shabby chic dining room table adds a touch of class that’s hard to rival. Pair this with a selection of gorgeous dining chairs, and your dinner guests will never want to leave.


Our bedroom collection is one of our most popular as many of our customers love bringing the shabby chic vibes to the bedroom. We have a multitude of beautiful beds that will really set this room alight. You can also choose from a range of elegant shabby chic bedroom furniture to complement your new bed.