Adding Spring Freshness To Your Home Decor

Spring Homeware

Now that spring is finally upon is, warmer days are becoming a little more regular and there’s certainly a lot more greenery outside our window. But how can you reflect this seasonal shift inside your home?

At Shabby Store, we have an excellent range of contemporary accessories for your home, hand-picked from some of our favourite designers. Everything is organised into helpful categories to help you create a specific theme in every room. Here we’ve selected just a few of our favourite spring-themed products to inspire you.

Botanical Nature Collection

Botanical Nature Picture Collection

This set of nine unique wooden frames is ideal for turning a plain wall into a wonderful display. The images in the frames, ranging from birds and butterflies to flowers and plants, will add a fresh touch of spring to any room.

Pastel pink stag headPastel Pink Stag Head

With a built-in hook, this piece is easy to mount on any wall. It’s something of a statement piece, but due to the hand-painted pastel colour, it can actually help to create a softer image that’s perfectly suited to the time of year.

Aliza Dusk Pink Throw

Continuing with the pink theme, this luxuriously soft and smooth throw is perfect for adding both colour and comfort to a lounge or bedroom.

Shaded white tulipsShaded White Tulips

Nothing says spring like fresh flowers, and these beautiful tulips will stay fresh all year round with a completely natural and lifelike look. These are presented in a tasteful and versatile glass vase.

Evergreen Botanical Cushion

Taking inspiration from the natural world again, this cushion features an attractive range of green hues and a contemporary leaf print to add a spring feel to your furnishings.

Hurricane setPatterned Waste Bin

Following on with a similar green colour scheme, this green and cream patterned bin is a subtle and stylish way to add some seasonal practicality to any room.

Natural Hurricane Set

This set of three different sized natural hurricanes can create an attractive effect on any large shelf, sideboard or even a long hall table. Keep the trio side by side or place them on different shelves for a mismatched look.

Rabbit cupcake plateBonus: Rabbits!

Easter may be over, but rabbits are also a symbol of spring, so they’re ideal for adding a little charming detail to your home. These rabbit bookends are a cute option, handcrafted from wood, or if you’d prefer something in the kitchen you might opt for this rabbit cupcake plate for serving up sweet treats. We have a lot more bunny-themed products too, so make sure you hunt them all down.

Our New Contemporary Furniture from Eichholtz


Contemporary Furniture from Eichholtz

At Shabby Store, we love to bring in new product lines on a regular basis, and we’re always excited about refreshing our line-up of contemporary designer furniture. One of the newest additions to our website is the fabulous Eichholtz collection, and we think you’ll agree it’s well worth a look.

Jenna zebra print chairEichholtz has been supplying stylish designer furniture to businesses and homes all around the world for the last two decades. Theo Eichholtz was inspired to create the brand after touring around many different countries, and his global influences are evident when you see the unique mixture of styles in his designer furniture range.

The key characteristics of this creative and distinct product range are a timeless, elegant feel combined with a very sleek, sophisticated finish. You’ll find many pieces of contemporary furniture in this category which carry enough personality to transform the look of any room, which is always exciting, plus beautiful light fittings and many other decorative items.

Although the Eichholtz brand always delivers the same high standard and follows this general theme, it’s fair to say their many collections and individual products are also very varied. Just a few different examples that we love include the following…

Eichholtz Natural Bone Obelisk


Sinan Natural Bone Obelisks – This pair of unique, handmade obelisks are inspired by the incredible architecture of Ancient Egypt. They would make the ultimate focal point for a coffee table or display shelf.

Fornasetti Clear Glass Console Table – A slim and sophisticated table that would fit perfectly in almost any lounge or bedroom. This curved, contemporary design is deceptively simple but it’s one of our favourites from Eichholtz.

Jenner Zebra Print Chair – Make a real statement with this magnificent luxury chair. The pattern uses neutral tones but instantly creates a striking contrast, so it blends in with your décor whilst drawing the eye immediately. Lined with authentic bronze nails and built from high quality birch wood, this really is a timeless and impressive piece.

There really are a huge range of fabulous designer pieces in the Eichholtz range, from tealight holders to elegant sofas, so we highly recommend browsing the full collection. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.

Your Cosy, Hygge Home

Hygge (pronounced “hue-guh”) is a Danish word that’s suddenly becoming a huge trend when it comes to home design. It doesn’t exactly translate to English, but it’s all about that warm, contented feeling that you get when taking pleasure in simple things.

We think a home should give you exactly that sensation, so it’s no surprise that many people are now looking to capture that warm Scandanavian feeling with their interior design. The world often feels like a stressful place lately, but people are welcoming hygge-inspired décor into their homes so they can enjoy the opposite effect and create a calm, cosy retreat.

It just so happens that luxury shabby chic style fits perfectly with the fashion for hygge. For example, in our Get The Look section, the Winter Lodge theme contains a fantastic range of products that are perfect for incorporating hygge into your home. Here are just a few of our favourites…

Circular Log Holder – The perfect accompaniment to a roaring fireplace, this stylish metal piece has a large capacity for wooden logs and looks both modern and homely. This is a great way to incorporate cosiness without compromising on contemporary style.

Circular log holder

Thick Faux Fur Throw – This glamorous, premium quality faux fur throw is bound to be your new favourite lounge feature. Getting snuggled up on the sofa with this extra-thick throw is the best shortcut to finding out what hygge really feels like. It’s available in a neutral cream colour so it will blend in with most colour schemes.

Faux fur throw

Edison Bulb LED Lights – Natural light is a big part of hygge and should always be maximised, but in the evening you need a bit of mood lighting to add to your warm atmosphere. These quirky LED light bulbs are perfect for this task, and being in a long string of 10 bulbs, they give you plenty of reach to decorate your cosy living space or bedroom.

Edison LED fairy lights

Silver & Metal Glass Lanterns – These classy and contemporary lanterns come as a pair with mismatched sizes, so you can place each of them in their own unique space. They’re ideal for reflecting candle light around your whole room, and look fantastic with almost any style of décor.

Dilver & Metal Glass Lanterns

New Year, New Look?

After taking a break over Christmas and finally welcoming 2017, we hope you’re feeling refreshed! Many people take advantage of this time to think about a revamp of their home décor, especially after spending more time indoors than usual over the festive period.

Shabby Store offers the ideal solution if you’re looking for a change. By visiting our Get The Look section, you can browse different styles and find a selection of contemporary designer homeware and furniture to suit whatever theme you fancy.

White Orchid Phalaenopsis Plants

Here are just a few of our favourites…

Shabby Chic – Of course, we’re known for our selection of luxury, French-style shabby chic furniture and décor. This extensive range includes everything you need to take inspiration from different decades and create a totally unique, comfortable feel for every room in your home.

Distressed Grey Chest

Colour Pop – One interpretation of shabby chic style that always works well is to choose a range of neutral tones for much of your furniture, flooring, walls and so on. You’re then free to add an exciting pop of colour wherever you like, which is perfect if you like to change the theme of your room regularly. We have a fabulous range of vibrant decorations and accessories to add a subtle colour scheme to your home, as well as larger pieces that really make a bold statement.

Blush pink sofa

Creative Copper – This look is set to remain well and truly in style this year. Copper decorations and details are ideal for creating a sense of warmth and adding a luxury finish to a relatively simply room design. We have a selection of homeware items in the Creative Copper theme, ranging from vases and plant pots to coffee tables and lighting.

Pyramid Copper Coffee Table

Moroccan – If you’re looking for a completely new style, Moroccan contemporary style is very popular right now. Finishing touches make all the difference here, including smooth textured cushions, intricately designed lamps and other quirky display pieces. Gold is featured heavily, and most of the pieces are decorated with amazing details inspired by Moroccan influences.

Moroccan Style Rounded Table Lamp

Ideas For Your Festive Dining Table

There’s nothing more enjoyable than bringing your home to life with a bit of festive spirit. Our signature luxury French-style furniture works perfectly as a starting point for an elegant dinner party, but on Christmas Day you may want to go a step further.

Make your dining table the centrepiece of your decorations this year with some of our fabulous accessories and tableware as well as more great ideas to impress your guests.

Christmas Tree Jar

From water to wine

Your glassware will be one of the most noticeable features on any Christmas dining table. We have some spectacular Gold Base Water Glasses which really add some elegance to any table, with plenty of matching gold and silver wine glasses, champagne flutes and even Martini glasses. As long as these are colour-coordinated with the rest of your tableware, they’ll look much more impressive and festive than plain, everyday glassware.

Gold Swirl Wine Glasses

Keep your cool


The best way to make sure Christmas doesn’t get too stressful? Make sure everyone has plenty of chilled drinks to keep them entertained! There’s nothing more luxurious than having one of our impressive Oval Champagne Coolers on standby at the table, or the sleek Wine Cooler With Bamboo Handles complete with gold detailing.


Oval Champagne Cooler

Dish of the day


To serve your treats and appetisers in style this Christmas, our glossy ceramic dishes are available in a variety of fun festive shapes. Choose from our reindeer or Christmas tree designs in bright white or subtle taupe, ideal for the dining table, kitchen, or any surface that can be used to serve snacks!



Golden rules


To keep your tableware consistent and smart yet festive at the same time, we really love a gold theme. From our boxed Gold Cutlery Set to our Gold Steel Napkin Rings, we have everything you need to make sure all your decorations and dining essentials make your Christmas table a shining example.

Cutlery Set

You can view our full range of classic and contemporary Christmas tableware to find even more inspiration. We’re sure you’ll find everything you need to make your home look truly special and inviting in time for your guests to arrive on the big day.

Christmas Cocktails

Tis the season to open your home bar and enjoy festive drinks with your friends and family. Here are a few of our favourite Christmas cocktail recipes.


Candy Cane Cocktail With Homemade Candy Cane Infused Vodka

A simple, festive candy cane infused vodka which is light and fresh resulting in a classic peppermint and chocolate mix drink.

Candy Cane Cocktail


What you will need –

For Candy Cane Infused Vodka :


Vanilla Vodka

Candy Canes

For Candy Cane Cocktail :

Candy Cane Vodka

Creme de Cacao, clear ( no colour )

Dash Angostura Bitters

Candy Canes



What to do – 

Candy Cane Vodka :

Pour both the types of vodka in a jar with a lid. Break the candy canes up and add them to the vodka. Allow to sit and cool for 3-4 days. Make sure you shake often to mix any sediment into liquid. Once ready, strain and store in a cool place until serving.

To make 2 Candy Cane Cocktails : 

For the rimming sugar, place candy canes in a chopper or blender until a granulated sugar and then rim cocktail glasses. Add candy cane vodka, Creme de Cacao, Bitters and ice to a shaker, strain and serve.

For full recipe click here


Jingle Juice

A beautiful drink which is sure to bring festive spirit and is full of good cheer. A great idea for Christmas parties and family gatherings this season which you can enjoy all evening long.

Jingle Juice


What you will need – 

For the citrus sugar : 


Lemon Zest, Lime Zest, Grapefruit Zest, Orange Zest

Ground Ginger


For the Punch :

Citrus Sugar

Lime Juice, Lemon Juice, Orange Juice, Grapefruit Juice

Mango Nectar

Pineapple Juice

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

Grand Marnier


Sparkling Water

Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit slices, Frozen Cranberries ( for garnish)


What to do –

For the Citrus Sugar : 

Combine the sugar, zests, ginger and cinnamon. Rub the zests between your fingers to release the oils. Sit at room temperature for 4 hours in an airtight container.

For the Punch :

Peel the skins off the fruit and juice them. Pour into a pitcher and leave in fridge until icy cold. Next, add the citrus sugar to the bottom of the punch bowl. Pour in the juice and stir to dissolve the sugar. Pour in the alcohol and sparkling water. Garnish with fruit slices.

For full recipe click here


Pimped-up Prosecco

An easy Prosecco cocktail, mix it up with your favourite juices and fruits to create exciting flavour combos for the festive season.

Pimped Up Prosecco


What you will need –



Pomegranate Juice



Elderflower or Blackcurrant Cordial






What to do – 

Pop a mixture of champagne flutes and glasses into the freezer for about an hour before you serve so that they’re cold. Start squeezing the fruit juices into the chilled glasses and add cordial to others, fill up with Prosecco and serve. Experiment with adding fruit to the glasses.

For full recipe click here




Christmas Decorations – Shabby Chic Style

A lot of traditional shabby chic style is all about being cosy and comfortable, so it’s the perfect time of year to get creative. We love creating a festive feel with shabby chic style Christmas decorations, soft furnishings and even specific pieces of furniture which are ideal for the holiday season. Here we take a step-by-step look at some tips for getting your home ready for Christmas in true shabby chic fashion.

Festive furniture – It’s a great idea to finalise what furnishings you’ll be featuring in your living room and across your home this winter. Even just a couple of carefully chosen, luxury French style furniture pieces can really make shabby chic home feel more cosy and luxurious, especially once they’re placed near the fireplace and your favourite decorations are draped all around.

French Style Sideboard

Unusual ornaments – We’d advise you not to to make everything too uniform or repetitive with your décor. Shabby chic charm often comes from every detail being unique and a little mismatched, but creating a consistent overall effect.

Stag Heads Candle Stand

Pastel shades – While Christmas is all about bright lights and colours, you don’t want your festive theme to clash with a pale palette in your home. Too much vivid red and green can throw off the overall look of a calm living room easily, but pastel tones can work much better with a softer shabby chic style.

Mauve Throw

Fun fabrics – A great way to add charm to your decorations is to use a mixture of festive fabrics, on everything from your sofa cushions to handmade tree decorations. Keep an eye out for designs featuring snowflakes, trees, Christmas scenes and simple red or green patterns. A patchwork of different patterns and colours can create a real homely effect.

Snowflake Cushion

Tree decorations – Of course, we offer a huge range of shabby chic Christmas tree decorations which are a staple of any festive family home. They’re all a little different, sprinkled with sparkling glitter or finished with a perfect shine to reflect as much Christmas spirit as possible.


Wreaths and garlands – Bring some of the outside in with our Christmas wreaths, garlands and trees, all designed to fit perfectly in any shabby chic-inspired home. These can create a great contrast that enhances the cosy feel of your room even more.


Christmas characters – It’s great to add some life to your decorations with some friendly faces. You might choose animals like robins and reindeer, fun characters like snowmen or gingerbread men, or simple and traditional options such as angel figures. For a subtle shabby chic approach, you might go for embroidered or printed cushions or modern ornaments with animal designs.


Simple signage – A great idea that works on a few different scales is to display a rustic wooden sign for the festive season. At Shabby Store we have a few different options, from simple wooden wording with distressed-finish stands to sparkling light-up “XMAS” lettering.

XMAS letters


Cosy up with designer homeware, cushions and throws

When you’re decorating and furnishing each room in your home, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting the perfect balance between style and comfort. The best designer homeware, especially for the lounge and bedroom, will be luxuriously comfortable as well as attractive and fashionable. French style shabby chic furniture and accessories tend to work really well when you’re trying to achieve this effect, especially now that we’re heading into the winter months and most of us want our homes to be even more cosy and inviting.French Style Shabby Chic

Lounge furnishings are the perfect place to start. We offer a huge range of sofas and armchairs, all designed to help create a distinct look for your living room while offering a comfortable seating space for one, two, three or even four. Our velvet armchairs and sofas are luxuriously soft, making them the ideal choice for getting cosy by the fireplace. We also have some real statement pieces including cow hide, gold finish, vintage leather and many more.Gold Finish Arm Chair

Once you’ve selected your signature pieces, it’s time to accessorise with soft furnishings. We have a brilliant range of throws available in various styles to match all of our chairs and sofas. You might choose a traditional knitted throw, go for something more opulent like a thick faux fur, or pick a brighter colour that coordinates with your room. One of our favourites for keeping warm this winter is the Charcoal Rabbit Pom Pom Throw which is perfect for adding texture to your room and is unbelievably soft. Rabbit Fur Pom Pom Throw

Finally, add some bright, warm colour to your living space with cushions from Shabby Store, like our Wild Flowers or Hummingbird covers, or you could even pick from our collection of Christmas themed cushions featuring snowflakes, stars and full of sequins which are ideal for a festive winter look. For a more subtle flare, try something in duck egg blue or blush pink to bring out the perfect tones in your shabby chic furniture. To complement a mirrored glam or art deco theme, we have a range of patterned cushions in monochromatic colours. The list goes on, so why not try mixing and matching a few styles around your home?

Pearl Beaded Cushion Cover

At Shabby Store you can search for designer homeware in any particular style using our Get The Look section, including our full range of classic French-style shabby chic furniture and décor. We hope you enjoy browsing our product range and find some fantastic items to help revamp your home this winter and stay cosy.

Stylish Tableware

As the warm, long summer evenings fade into the cooler colourful autumnal weather, the luxury of spending time outside becomes a distant memory and dining moves indoors. Room decoration changes as individuals gravitate towards warmer, more cosy decoration throughout their rooms, and the dining table should not be missed especially if you are planning to entertain throughout the autumn months.

Gold Plated Candle Holder

There is so much choice when it comes to decorating a table and the darker months mean that the use of candles can create a very warm atmosphere with minimal effort. If you have ever used candles on the dining table you can probably relate to having to be extra careful not to either knock the candles over, burn your arm or drip melted wax onto your stylish tableware. This doesn’t need to affect your dining experience though as you can make use of accessories like a Gold Plated Candle Holder which will allow you the benefit of having candles on your table without running the risk of damaging your tableware or any of your guests!

4 Dipped Wine Glasses

It is so simple to tie in your tableware with your autumn décor. A gold cutlery set adds a very warm and decadent feel to a beautifully dressed table. Teamed alongside dipped wine glasses waiting on a table with napkins finished with gold steel napkin rings will set the scene for a truly luxurious dinner, and is bound to impress your guests.

Gold Steel Napkin Rings

As nights begin to draw in, it is natural for you to want to add light to your house to make it feel warm and welcoming. If you are lucky enough to have an attractive table in your hallway, why not consider standing a lamp on it to create a welcoming entrance. A Driftwood Lamp gives you all the benefits you would expect from a lamp whist maintaining those summer memories. If you are looking for something a little more contemporary a Chrome Tubular Lamp makes an interesting, functional and decorative piece in one.

Dharma Driftwood Lamp

Ways With Mirrors – Ideas to Brighten Up Your Room

Mirrors are pretty much essential in any home, but as a decorator’s secret weapon they have even more uses than you might realise. To magically create space in an awkward room that’s feeling a little too cosy, there’s nothing better than a great mirror, but they can also make for an amazing centrepiece to draw focus and pull a whole theme together. A well-placed mirror can also really complement contemporary living room or bedroom furniture that you want to show off from multiple angles. At Shabby Store we stock a great range of luxury and designer shabby chic mirrors to choose from, but to inspire you a little more, here are a few ideas to use mirrors to your advantage.


Choose rustic and homely frames for your mirrors to make your home feel more cosy. This works especially well in rooms that typically would have less of the softer touches, such as the kitchen.
Rustic Mirror

Large Mirrors

Hide a large rectangular wall mirror behind a dresser or a half-height bookcase, so it’s not immediately obvious that it’s there but you have the illusion of twice as much space on the top, plus you can see the rest of the room.

Large Mirror

Long Mirrors

If you have large windows to let plenty of light in, that’s a great start, but you can enhance the look even further by adding a long mirror between those windows. This reflects the natural light even more and creates the illusion of another window.

Long Mirrors

Small Mirrors

If you choose a small mirror, you can avoid the rest of the wall looking blank by placing pieces of artwork either side of it. This looks best if you go for a symmetrical layout.

Small Mirror

Sunburst Mirrors

Round sunburst mirrors are among our favourite styles for a shabby chic look. They work really well above a bed if you want a large one as a main feature, or you could perhaps go for a smaller sunburst mirror above a piece of furniture in your living room.

Sunburst Mirror

More is more when it comes to mirrors! Without making a room too overwhelming, you can really increase the visible space with multiple strategically placed mirrors. If you place them opposite each other, you can make your room look infinitely larger, which may work well with certain designs.



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